NCERT Class 11 biology biological classification NEET MCQ,NEET UG pdf

Biological Classification Mock Test-8

Question No:1

A fungus that produce an antibiotic penicillin belongs to this class

Question No:2

Malarial parasite plasmodium is included in this kingdom

Question No:3

Most common method of reproduction in bacteria is

Question No:4

Archaebacteria that live in marshy areas are

Question No:5

Function of heterocysts in cyanobacterium

Question No:6

………….. Protozoan causes malaria and possess true walls as in slime moulds

Question No:7

Soap box like overlapping shells are found in the cell walls of

Question No:8

Citrus canker disease is caused by

Question No:9

Prochromosome is the name of

Question No:10

Cyanobacteria are

Question No:11

Decomposers belong to

Question No:12

Actinomycetes or ray fungi belong to

Question No:13

The bacteria cells do not aggregrate in

Question No:14

Teichoic acids occur in the walls of

Question No:15

White rust of Crucifer is caused by

Question No:16

Coenocytic mycelium occurs in

Question No:17

Ascomycetes members are known as

Question No:18

Fungi differs from bacteria in

Question No:19

Penicillin is derived from

Question No:20

Branched conidiophores are found in