NEET NCERT Biology Biological Classification MCQs,NEET online test

Biological Classification Mock Test-7

NEET Biological Classification Mock Test-7

Questions No:1

Pleuro-pneumonia like organisms are grouped under

[A] Prokaryotes

[B] Eukaryotes

[C] Fungi

[D] Viruses

Questions No:2

Ray fungi are

[A] Actinomycetes

[B] Fungi

[C] Mycoplasma

[D] Archaebacteria

Questions No:3

. Which of the following is noncellular?

[A] Bacteria


[C] Diatoms

[D] Bacteriophage

Questions No:4

Chlorophyll a is absent in photosynthetic

[A] Bacteria

[B] Cyanobacteria

[C] Red algae

[D] None of these

Questions No:5

Vegetatively the members ofcyanobacteria multiply by

[A] Fission

[B] Fragmentation

[C] Hormogonia

[D] All the above

Questions No:6

The term Protista was introduced by German Biologist and Philosopher

[A] John Ray

[B] Robert Grant

[C] Ernst Haeckel

[D] Leuckart

Questions No:7

The kingdom Protista includes

[A] Photosynthetic forms

[B] Decomposers

[C] Protozans

[D] all of these

Questions No:8

Which type of organisms are found in kingdom Protista?

[A] Unicellular nucleated

[B] Multicellular, enucleated

[C] Eukaryotes

[D] 1 and 3

Questions No:9

Protistans resembling fungi are

[A] slime moulds

[B] simple algae

[C] simple animals

[D] all organisms not place in other groups

Questions No:10

Whittaker ‘s system of classification implies that unicellular eukaryotes are primarily precusors ol the

[A] plants

[B] fungi

[C] animals

[D] plants fungi and animals

Questions No:11

Locomotory organelles in the protista are

[A] Flagella

[B] Cilia

[C] Pseudopodia

[D] all of these

Questions No:12

Protists which are diploid reproduce sexually by the process of

[A] zygotic meiosis

[B] cyst formation

[C] binary fission

[D] gametic meiosis

Questions No:13

Which species of protists are known as the whirlling whips because of the spin produced by two flagella beating in opposing grooves along their hard dufaced bodies?

[A] Diatoms

[B] Chrysophytes

[C] Dinoflagellates

[D] Golden-brown algae

Questions No:14

Euglenoid species that have chlorophyll are

[A] obligate autotrophs

[B] facultative autotrophs

[C] facultative heterotrphs

[D] obligate heterotrophs

Questions No:15

Diatoms are

[A] Euglenoids

[B] Chrysophytes

[C] Dinoflagellates

[D] Pyrrophytes

Questions No:16

Which creatures are the direct of indirect food of all the creatures on the ocean’s surface?

[A] Protozoans

[B] Plankton

[C] Fish

[D] Aquatic insects

Questions No:17

Shellfish taken from water during a red tide would be

[A] poisoned with neurotoxin

[B] rich in proteins

[C] dead

[D] rich in minerals

Questions No:18

Mixotrophic nutrition is found in

[A] Amoeba

[B] Navicula

[C] Plasmodium

[D] Euglena

Questions No:19

Which colourless protistan shows bioluminescence?

[A] Navicula

[B] Noctiluca

[C] Dictyostelium

[D] Phacus

Questions No:20

Which one of the following organisms act as connecting link in possessing characters of plants and animals?

[A] Euglena

[B] Bacteria

[C] Mycoplasma

[D] Paramecium