Botany The Living World Objective Question test-8 -

Botany The Living World Objective Question test-8

1. A species is taxonomically


2. Interbreeding is possible between two members of


3. Taxon Family is placed between


4. The framework system of classification in which various taxonomic categories are arranged in order of logical sequence is called


5. Scientific study of diversity of organisms and their evolutionary relationships is


6. ‘Systema Naturae’ was written by


7. Systematic botany means


8. Which of the following statements regarding universal rules of nomenclature is wrong?


9. Binomial nomenclature of plants was given by


10. Two plants can be conclusively said to belong to the same species if they


11. Taxon is a/an


12. Which of the following taxonomic ranks contain organisms most similar to one another?


13. ICBN stands for


14. Correct name is


15. Binomial nomenclature means that every organism has


16. Tautonym is


17. One of the most important functions of botanical gardens is that

18. Species are considered as