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Botany The Living World Objective Question test-7

1. Live specimens of plants and animals are found respectively in


2. Lead is


3. The famous international botanical garden is at


4. In a zoological park


5. Botanical gardens have


6. One of the most important functions of botanical gardens is that


7. Taxonomic hierarchy refers to


8. Binomial nomenclature means


9. Living organisms are characterised by


10. Metabolism comprises


11. Synthesis reactions in the body form a division of metabolism called


12. Growth in living being is by


13. Plants differ from animals in having


14. The splitting of an Amoeba into two is best described as an example of


15. An increase in the size or number of cells best describes.


16. The science of diversity of organisms is


17. The term taxonomy was coined by


18. Who published the book ‘Species plant arum’ and provided a basis for classification of plants?


19. In binomial nomenclature


20. Binomial nomenclature includes


21. The third name in trinomial nomenclature is


22. When the specific epithet exactly repeats generic name, it is called :


23. ICBN is


24. Taxon is .


25. The correct sequence of taxa is