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Botany The Living World Objective Question test-5

1. Plant family namely convolvulaceae, Solanaceae are included in order A based on B. A & B are respectively. .


2. Plant order ends with a suffix


3. Mango and wheat belong to division A and sub division B . A & B respectively.


4. In the case of animals related classes are included in


5. Read the following statements regarding living organisms. One of them is wrong. What is it ?


6. Choose the correct sequence of taxons from the following in animal classification


7. Read the following four statements and pick the incorrect match


8. Choose the incorrect match from the following


9. Asexual reproduction in Yeast & Hydra is by


10. Reproduction is synonymous with growth in


11. The most obvious & technically complicated feature of all living organisms is


12. The response of plants to _____ stimulus is called irritability


13. The ability of living organisms “to be aware of themselves ” is called


14. The central question of evolutionary biology today is


15. The two defining characters of living organisms are


16. Identify the correct sequence of taxonomic categories


17. Quick referral systems in taxonomic studies are


18. Zoological parks


19. In a herbarium, sheets are arranged according to


20. Study of all living organisms is made possible by this aspect of taxonomy


21. Choose the correct expression


22. Information on any one taxon is found in


23. Museums have


24. A pair of contrasting characters in keys are called


25. Botanical gardens have