Botany The Living World Objective Questions NEET,CBSE,jipmer,AIIMS

Botany The Living World Objective Question and Answers test-2

1. Identify the correct statement


2. Identify the correct ascending sequence of taxonomic categories


3. Quick referral systems in taxonomic studies are


4. The taxonomic status of an organism can be changed by changing


5. In a herbarium, sheets are arranged according to


6. Study of all living organisms is made possible by this aspect of taxonomy


7. Choose the correct expression


8. Information on any one taxon only is found in


9. A pair of contrasting characters in keys are called


10. Museums have


11. Botanical gardens have


12. Herbaria are useful in


13. In a taxonomic hierarchy, from species to kingdom


14. Lowest and highest taxonomic categories are respectively


15. Mango belongs to this order


16. Potato, Makoi, brinjal differ in this taxon


17. Flora, Herbaria, Manuals all help in


18. Taxonomy comprises


19. Study of principles and procedures of classification of organisms is


20. Scientific names to the plants are given based on the principles provided by


21. According to binomial nomenclature, two words used for naming a plant/animal are


22. The fundamental taxonomic category is (basic unit is)


23. The earliest classifications were based on


24. The taxon which includes related families is


25. Taxon ending with a suffix ales


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