Synonyms MCQ-43


Question No:1

The earth from here is a grand oasis in the vastness of space.

(A) greenland
(B) landscape
(C) waterhole
(D) wetland

Question No:2

It is quite unseemly that person should so behave with his elders,

(A) childish
(B) ugly
(C) discourteous .
(D) improper

Question No:3

The police need tangible proof of his guilt before they can act against him.

(A) convincing
(B) strong
(C) emphatic
(D) clear and certain

Question No:4

It is a popular fallacy that all man-eaters are old and mangy.

(A) observation
(B) belief
(C) fact
(D) illusion

Question No:5

Her new glasses make her look rather owlish.

(A) foolish
(B) solemn
(C) silly
(D) stupid

Question No:6

Malice is a feeling that we should always avoid.

(A) Envy
(B) Cruelty
(C) Spite
(D) Hatred

Question No:7

He spent his whole life caught up in mundane matters,

(A) foolish
(B) worldly
(C) inconsequential
(D) criminal

Question No:8

He deserved the accolade he received,

(A) comment
(B) honour
(C) appreciation
(D) blame

Question No:9

He was given a severe warning for coming late.

(A) rigorous
(B) stern
(C) harsh
(D) strict

Question No:10

The notice said that the meeting would begin precisely at 00a.m.

(A) concisely
(B) approximately
(C) exactly
(D) accurately

Question No:11

All incoming and outgoing mail is censored by the Government during the times of war.

(A) distributed
(B) confiscated
(C) checked
(D) supervised

Question No:12

The ascending temperature in many parts of the world confirms global warming which is an environmental hazard.

(A) rising
(B) falling
(C) shooting
(D) mounting

Question No:13

It is risky to go beyond this barricade.

(A) stupid
(B) adventurous
(C) hazardous
(D) inadvisable

Question No:14

He was sentenced to four year’s imprisonment.

(A) punished
(B) acquitted
(C) assigned
(D) convicted

Question No:15

The art movie I watched this evening has put me in a pensive mood.

(A) cheerful
(B) reflective
(C) confused
(D) depressed

Question No:16

He died as an impecunious man in a charitable hospital.

(A) Innocent
(B) ignorant
(C) faultless
(D) having no money

Question No:17

He was punished for shirking his official work.

(A) slowing
(B) postponing
(C) avoiding
(D) delegating

Question No:18

The British levied unusally high taxes on export ol Indian goods.

(A) implemented
(B) stipulated
(C) imposed
(D) enacted

Question No:19

The one who is rich possesses many superfluous things,

(A) needless
(B) superior
(C) essential
(D) expensive

Question No:20

Many of his acquaintances avoid him because he is so garrulous. (C.D.S. 1994)

(A) proud
(B) unreasonable
(C) talkative
(D) quarrelsome

Question No:21

He had been living his life according to set pattern.

(A) design
(B) model
(C) conduct
(D) behaviour

Question No:22

Your explanation that your social commitments tie you down, does not convince me.

(A) duties
(B) responsibilities
(C) restrictions
(D) obligations

Question No:23

Absolute silence reigned in the whole necropolis.

(A) cemetery
(B) hell
(C) cenotaph
(D) churchyard

Question No:24

Her today’s story was merely an exaggeration of what happened before my eyes.

(A) overstatement
(B) reproduction
(C) falsehood
(D) understatement

Question No:25

When kept in water, grapes become turgid.

(A) bloated
(B) swollen
(C) rotten
(D) fomented