Synonyms MCQ-44

Synonyms MCQ RRB,IBPS POs,SBI Specialist officers,NABARD,RBI Exams

Question No:1

The facade of our school building got a face-lift recently.

(A) basement
(B) floor
(C) top
(D) front

Question No:2

The stratospheric ozone layer plays an important protective role for life on earth and its disruption is obviously fraught with dangerous consequences,

(A) involving
(B) concerned
(C) followed
(D) caused

Question No:3

There is not a single word that is redundant in the report.

(A) bombastic
(B) unimportant
(C) flowery
(D) not needed

Question No:4

In the company of smart and crafty fellows, a gaby finds himself out of place,

(A) simpleton
(B) innocent
(C) honest
(D) cunning

Question No:5

Being a member of this club, he has certain rights.

(A) virtues
(B) facilities
(C) gains
(D) privileges

Question No:6

How I envy the man who can always produce his reading glasses at a moment’s notice.

(A) begrudge
(B) desire
(C) crave
(D) covet

Question No:7

The munificence of the businessman was great.

(A) generosity
(B) stinginess
(C) misery
(D) tactfulness

Question No:8

The next day she pacified the teacher explaining her the reason for the previous day’s leave.

(A) quietened
(B) silenced
(C) pleased
(D) flattered

Question No:9

He could not suppress his resentment against that decision,

(A) excitement
(B) irritation
(C) displeasure
(D) indignation

Question No:10

We did not expect such a judicious remark from him.

(A) legal
(B) shrewd
(C) rational
(D) sagacious

Question No:11

Despite a full one hour meeting, they could not arrive at any consensus.

(A) settlement
(B) unity
(C) harmony
(D) agreement

Question No:12

During his meeting with the owners of the company he made a number of overtures.

(A) observations
(B) offers
(C) agreements
(D) promises

Question No:13

You cannot befool your mother by these pretences.

(A) accusations
(B) excuses
(C) statements
(D) promises

Question No:14

The eyewitness testimony was incontrovertible.

(A) unquestionable
(B) disputable
(C) unacceptable
(D) debatable

Question No:15

I realized they wanted to be alone together, so I felt very awkward.

(A) ashamed
(B) inconvenient
(C) embarrassed
(D) clumsy

Question No:16

He was punished to rigorous imprisonment for larceny.

(A) murder
(B) forgery
(C) stealing
(D) dacoity

Question No:17

The drugs were innocuous and had no side effect.

(A) effective
(B) harmless
(C) imported
(D) newly discovered

Question No:18

He is being treated for his somnolence.

(A) weakness
(B) severe pain in the joints
(C) intoxication
(D) sleepiness

Question No:19

The pupil was asked to rectify the mistake.

(A) correct
(B) condone
(C) clarify
(D) repeat

Question No:20

I used to skate quite well but I have lost the knack now.

(A) agility
(B) strength
(C) skill
(D) stamina

Question No:21

The criterion of judgment would be fixed soon.

(A) result
(B) decision
(C) standard
(D) consideration

Question No:22

He did not hesitate to pester the sleeping mother when he wanted money.

(A) shake
(B) wake
(C) trouble
(D) disturb

Question No:23

In spite of their efforts, the team of scientists could not make much headway to solve the problem,

(A) results
(B) start
(C) efforts
(D) progress

Question No:24

The speech he made on the occasion was quite exhilarating.

(A) irrelevant
(B) boring
(C) lively
(D) learned

Question No:25

After that tiresome long journey, he felt drowsy.

(A) sluggish
(B) irritable
(C) energetic
(D) dizzy