Synonyms MCQ-42

Synonyms Objective Questions IBPS,NABARD,SBI,SSC,NDA,RRB,CSAT Exams

Question No:1

Many species of animals have become extinct during the last hundred years,

(A) feeble
(B) aggressive
(C) scattered
(D) non-existent

Question No:2

Fifty years after independence there can be no alibi for not providing basic amenities to every citizen.

(A) cause
(B) plea
(C) factor
(D) reason

Question No:3

The community is agog with speculation about the fate of the money collected.

(A) excited
(B) worried
(C) depressed
(D) annoyed

Question No:4

The President of the party deprecated the move of the Government to introduce electoral reforms in a haste.

(A) extricated
(B) humiliated
(C) denied
(D) protested

Question No:5

He was drawn to the vortex of politics at a very early age.

(A) whirlpool
(B) field
(C) arena
(D) hell

Question No:6

Quite often parents have to cut a sorry figure when their children display fractious reaction over trifles,

(A) pleasing
(B) absurd
(C) comic
(D) irritable

Question No:7

He enjoys vicarious authority.

(A) tenuous
(B) limited
(C) delegated
(D) wide

Question No:8

He has propensity for getting into debt.

(A) characteristic
(B) quality
(C) natural tendency
(D) aptitude

Question No:9

If you lack in magnanimity, all your wealth and luxury is useless,

(A) planning
(B) purposiveness
(C) management
(D) generosity

Question No:10

Seeds need sufficient water and air to germinate.

(A) grow
(B) reproduce
(C) breed
(D) sprout

Question No:11

They tolerated him though they disliked his craven behaviour,

(A) silly
(B) cowardly
(C) indecent
(D) mean

Question No:12

For quick promotion, he hit on a plan to propitiate the Manager.

(A) evict
(B) incite
(C) praise
(D) conciliate

Question No:13

The antidote to these problems is hard to find.

(A) remedy for
(B) consequence of
(C) cause for
(D) result of

Question No:14

Poets and writers are sensuous by nature.

(A) sensible
(B) sentimental
(C) sensual
(D) sensitive

Question No:15

I am quite content to stay here,

(A) eager
(B) happy
(C) frightened
(D) determined

Question No:16

The petals of the flowers are usually conspicuous to attract birds for pollination.

(A) prominent
(B) beautifully shaped
(C) colourful
(D) scented

Question No:17

The man vehemently denied all the charges of corruption that were levelled against him.

(A) devoutly
(B) hysterically
(C) forcefully
(D) serenely

Question No:18

The artists worked with tremendous felicity in expressive poetic language.

(A) zeal
(B) excitement
(C) happiness
(D) expertise

Question No:19

Those who man government-run shops also have their palm greased.

(A) control
(B) operate
(C) administer
(D) rule

Question No:20

The cyclone had blown some of the cars on to funny places.

(A) humorous
(B) cranky
(C) irregular
(D) odd

Question No:21

Despite his pompous style and gestures, the audience failed to evince any interest in his lecture,

(A) display
(B) hide
(C) develop
(D) take

Question No:22

I have worked in this organization for five years trying to check the erosion of ethical values.

(A) decay
(B) corrosion
(C) misuse
(D) expansion

Question No:23

When he returned he was accompanied by a sprightly young girl.

(A) sportive
(B) intelligent
(C) lively
(D) beautiful

Question No:24

The story which Gaurav narrated was very exciting.

(A) disclosed
(B) told
(C) revealed
(D) explained

Question No:25

It was presumptuous of him to make a remark in the assembly.

(A) ridiculous
(B) unthoughtful
(C) self-confident
(D) ambiguous