Synonyms MCQ-41

Question No:1

That case is not amenable to ordinary rules.

(A) applicable
(B) interpreted
(C) contradictory
(D) dealt with

Question No:2

As they whispered, I feltawkward in their company.

(A) inconvenient
(B) clumsy
(C) ashamed
(D) embarrassed

Question No:3

Lost in his own revery, he forgot that vicissitudes can change the course of man’s life.

(A) difficulties
(B) changes of fortune
(C) impediments
(D) good fortunes

Question No:4

He tried to cajole her, but it was in vain,

(A) enjoin
(B) coax
(C) rejoice
(D) inspire

Question No:5

Pakistan has been vigorously pursuing a clandestine nuclear weapons programme.

(A) nefarious
(B) progressive
(C) systematic
(D) secretive

Question No:6

He was annoyed at his flippant remark.

(A) discourteous
(B) bitter
(C) humorous
(D) casual

Question No:7

Some people are extremely fastidious in their choice of dress.

(A) pompous
(B) fussy
(C) discriminating
(D) careless

Question No:8

The magazine was embellished with amusing articles,

(A) filled
(B) replete
(C) adorned
(D) sprinkled

Question No:9

His views on children and their upbringing are indeed outlandish.

(A) realistic
(B) funny
(C) strange
(D) offensive

Question No:10

Sumit neglected to remit the fees in time and therefore had to pay a fine.

(A) exempted
(B) refused
(C) failed
(D) promised

Question No:11

Hiscredulous nature often landed him in trouble.

(A) dreamy
(B) naughty
(C) innocent
(D) willing to believe easily

Question No:12

To be or not to be’ was the dilemma of Hamlet.

(A) question
(B) obsession
(C) problem
(D) confusion

Question No:13

You should have watched that glint in her eyes when speaking of her husband.

(A) disgust
(B) sparkle
(C) anger
(D) sadness

Question No:14

War always has a baneful effect on the people of a nation,

(A) unpleasant
(B) foul
(C) pernicious
(D) harmful

Question No:15

People refuse to pay obeisance to people whom they do not accept as their leaders.

(A) attention
(B) respect
(C) obedience
(D) command

Question No:16

His endeavours proved fruitful

(A) justified
(B) futile
(C) efficient
(D) productive

Question No:17

The newly found drug on the epidemic was not at all deleterious.

(A) effective
(B) Intoxicating
(C) Noxious
(D) Successful

Question No:18

The boy was chided for his impertinence.

(A) praised
(B) beaten
(C) applauded
(D) rebuked

Question No:19

People of different persuasions have met on the same platform.

(A) Personalities
(B) tastes
(C) Qualifications
(D) Convictions

Question No:20

The problem is tedious to tackle.

(A) easy
(B) difficult
(C) tiring
(D) troublesome

Question No:21

We were touched by the honesty of the beggar.

(A) impressed
(B) moved
(C) surprised
(D) horrified

Question No:22

The time I spent in the library was the most rewarding one.

(A) precious
(B) Serviceable
(C) Profitable
(D) paying

Question No:23

The food we had to eat was incompatible to our needs.

(A) Harmonizing
(B) According
(C) Corresponding
(D) Unsuitable

Question No:24

The kingdom suffered a constant threat from certain predatory tribes.

(A) wild
(B) Violent
(C) Rebellious
(D) Plundering

Question No:25

He decided to accost a big financier for his new scheme.

(A) employ
(B) consult
(C) hire
(D) Approach