Synonyms MCQ-45

synonyms Objective Questions for RRB,GRE,CAT,UPSC,IBPS,SSC,NDA,CDS Exams

Question No:1

The terminus of his progress would be reached when he accomplishes that honour.

(A) beginning
(B) highest stage
(C) last point
(D) result

Question No:2

Several ancillary units were patronized by that large store,

(A) small
(B) temporary
(C) standing
(D) subordinate

Question No:3

I don’t see why he should be so obsequious to his brother just because the latter is rich.

(A) unusually kind
(B) unfriendly
(C) excessively respectful
(D) offensive

Question No:4

An issue of the highest sensitivity, which required the greatest finesse and delicacy, was handled in the most slapdash manner,

(A) carefulness
(B) attention
(C) tact
(D) action

Question No:5

Corruption stalks every sphere of national life.

(A) pervades
(B) penetrates
(C) pollutes
(D) poisons

Question No:6

The militant was nabbed at the airport,

(A) caught
(B) pursued
(C) #NAME?
(D) beaten

Question No:7

I am afraid I cannot relate the details now.

(A) describe
(B) recount
(C) recollect
(D) tell

Question No:8

Both young sleuths felt sure there was a link between the two.

(A) travelers
(B) boys
(C) convicts
(D) detectives

Question No:9

He did not succeed in his Endeavour.

(A) enterprise
(B) effort
(C) trick
(D) plan

Question No:10

Five year plans have been put into operation to mitigate the sufferings of the poor.

(A) lessen
(B) remove
(C) reduce
(D) cut

Question No:11

These recent developments seem to be quite adverse to our interests,

(A) Favourable
(B) Indifferent
(C) unfortunate
(D) Opposed

Question No:12

He gave such a vivid description of the house we wanted to rent that we did not have to look at it.

(A) simple
(B) detailed
(C) clear
(D) confqsed

Question No:13

If you don’t care for the blemishes of his style, you will find that the writer has a powerful message to convey,

(A) excellences
(B) qualities
(C) accusations
(D) faults

Question No:14

He gav6 an expeditious reply,

(A) exact
(B) slow
(C) elaborate
(D) prompt

Question No:15

He does not know how to husband his resources.

(A) manage
(B) govern
(C) rule
(D) watch

Question No:16

Brevity pays in debate.

(A) Conciseness
(B) Sharpness
(C) Quickness
(D) Confidence

Question No:17

The Border Security Force intercepted yesterday a truck carrying arms and ammunition.

(A) found
(B) stopped
(C) met
(D) interrupted

Question No:18

His style is quite transparent.

(A) witty
(B) lucid
(C) involved
(D) verbose

Question No:19

Your present statement has allayed my fears.

(A) relieved
(B) obliterated
(C) aroused
(D) eradicated

Question No:20

Because of a family feud, he never spoke to his wife’s parents.

(A) problenr
(B) quarrel
(C) crisis
(D) trouble

Question No:21

The speaker drew examples copiously from various books.

(A) largely
(B) continuously
(C) plentifully
(D) completely

Question No:22

The attitude of the Western countries towards the Third World countries is rather callous to say the least.

(A) unfeeling
(B) cursed
(C) unkind
(D) passive

Question No:23

Hearing the news, the workers were in a state of euphoria,

(A) pleasant excitement
(B) intense indignation
(C) utter depression
(D) great disorder

Question No:24

He kindled the spirit of revenge in him and used it to his advantage.

(A) contrived
(B) provoked
(C) doited
(D) burnt

Question No:25

He was the only reckless worker in the entire staff.

(A) bold
(B) rash
(C) courageous
(D) daring