Synonyms MCQ-46

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Question No:1

He had the nerveto suggest that I was cheating.

(A) courage
(B) audacity
(C) capacity
(D) strength

Question No:2

Your despicable remarks call for no reply.

(A) sarcastic
(B) contemptuous
(C) critical
(D) Contemptible

Question No:3

He earns enough to satisfy his wants.

(A) desires
(B) aims
(C) pleasures
(D) needs

Question No:4

The merchant was renowned for his simple way of living,

(A) notorious
(B) famous
(C) noted
(D) notable

Question No:5

I have learnt a great deal working in factories, and for a time I’ve been a weaver. Here are my testimonials/, Mr.Davis.

(A) credentials
(B) tokens
(C) testaments
(D) witnesses

Question No:6

The Director leaves on Tuesday on tour of the overseas branches of the company,

(A) round up
(B) private visit
(C) journey
(D) official visit

Question No:7

He is gregarious, he is loner, he loves argument, he cannot bear to lose one.

(A) silent
(B) talkative
(C) greedy
(D) sociable

Question No:8

The base of Indian politicians is the group of sycophants around them who earn bad name for their leaders,

(A) critics
(B) flatterers
(C) foppish
(D) jar nor

Question No:9

Twenty people were killed as the boat foundered in the storm,

(A) drowned
(B) capsized
(C) lost
(D) disintegrated

Question No:10

The oppressive weather made the work difficult for them.

(A) turbulent
(B) disappointing
(C) unbearable
(D) cold

Question No:11

The Opposition made a stident demand for putting the bill to vote.

(A) courageous
(B) brave
(C) vociferous
(D) powerful

Question No:12

It was his practice to go for a walk every morning.

(A) convention
(B) habit
(C) fashion
(D) rule

Question No:13

She was not the one who committed the crime, but she was culpable too.

(A) guilty
(B) involved
(C) affected
(D) sentenced

Question No:14

He adopted quite a diffident stand when it was a matter of son’s career,

(A) confident
(B) bold
(C) forward
(D) unassuming

Question No:15

Eventually vision is affected and the patient is only able to see if light is present.

(A) Initially
(B) Primarily
(C) Ultimately
(D) Gradually

Question No:16

He has saved money because his wife is frugal.

(A) strict
(B) economic
(C) economical
(D) miserly

Question No:17

His craven behaviour makes him an object of mockery,

(A) indecent
(B) cowardly
(C) mean
(D) silly

Question No:18

Before finalizing this transaction, I had to sign an indemnity bond.

(A) a compensation bond
(B) a security bond
(C) a partnership bond
(D) a reparation bond

Question No:19

Feeling humiliated and frustrated, he could no longer brook the indifferent attitude of the government.

(A) suffer
(B) support
(C) condone
(D) tolerate

Question No:20

The incident was a grim reflection of the bizarre things that go on in the village.

(A) summary
(B) picture
(C) comment
(D) portrait

Question No:21

The District Collector made it clear that the Government cannot sustain for long the support for such schemes,

(A) pay
(B) succeed
(C) manage
(D) continue

Question No:22

The most common type of colour blindness involves inability to tell red from green.

(A) prove
(B) detect
(C) distinguish
(D) extract

Question No:23

The collection of poems, in a slim volume, is gleaned from several anthologies of ancient Indian poetry,

(A) gathered
(B) extracted
(C) compiled
(D) copied

Question No:24

Even today many people are guided by abstruse moral values.

(A) irrational
(B) obscure
(C) impracticable
(D) dangerous

Question No:25

As the jockey tried to ride the horse, it suddenly went berserk.

(A) broke the carriage
(B) on a galloping speed
(C) became uncontrollably wild
(D) began to kick back