Synonyms MCQ-47

Synonyms MCQ IBPS,Bank Exams,SBI,RBI,CSAT,GRE,GMAT Exams

Question No:1

His visit to foreign countries brought about a sea change in his outlook and his attitude to the people,

(A) favourable change
(B) complete change
(C) un favourable change
(D) partial change

Question No:2

The cordial talks between the two foreign ministers cover the entire gamut of their relations.

(A) range
(B) scope
(C) sphere
(D) territory

Question No:3

He could not tolerate his friend rejoicing in his ignominy.

(A) defeat
(B) dishonor
(C) misery
(D) Victory

Question No:4

It is difficult to authenticate these old manuscripts.

(A) illustrate
(B) edit properly
(C) elucidate
(D) establish the genuineness of

Question No:5

The teacher felt nettled at the rowdiness of the boys.

(A) displeased
(B) annoyed
(C) disgusted
(D) perplexed

Question No:6

He is a disinterested investigator.

(A) uninterested
(B) bored
(C) unbiased
(D) reluctant

Question No:7

The indiscriminate demand for mass consumption goods is deplorable.

(A) discreet
(B) undifferentiated
(C) desperate
(D) insensitive

Question No:8

The boy was fired for continually coming late to school.

(A) beaten
(B) scolded
(C) abused
(D) dismissed

Question No:9

They venerated the old teacher.

(A) humiliated
(B) teased
(C) respected
(D) let go

Question No:10

Nobody has yet seen the peregrination of heavenly beings on earth.

(A) visit
(B) arrival
(C) travelling
(D) casting glance on

Question No:11

The prisoner has been languishing in the jail for the last many years.

(A) enjoying
(B) avoiding
(C) suffering
(D) attempting

Question No:12

Some people adopt excellent manners only to camouflage their real character.

(A) project
(B) hide
(C) misrepresent
(D) reveal

Question No:13

The new scheme was aimed at prohibiting all people from imbibing alcoholic drinks.

(A) offering
(B) smuggling
(C) preparing
(D) drinking

Question No:14

The guests were offended by his uncouth manners.

(A) wasteful
(B) dirty
(C) ungracious
(D) undesirable

Question No:15

Persons with abstemious habits can adjust themselves in any social set up.

(A) rustic
(B) lavish
(C) moderate
(D) lucrative

Question No:16

He did not make any attempt to placate her.

(A) please
(B) pacify
(C) serve
(D) satisfy

Question No:17

The actor with many graces leaves the stage and becomes only a memory in a world of happy memories,

(A) delicacie
(B) tacts
(C) charms
(D) gestures

Question No:18

An enquiry was ordered to ascertain the actual cause of the accident.

(A) determine
(B) investigate
(C) discover
(D) prove

Question No:19

Whatever the verdict of history may be, Chaplin will occupy a unique place in its pages.

(A) prediction
(B) outcome
(C) judgment
(D) voice

Question No:20

Miss Universe pageant was really worth seeing,

(A) contest
(B) show
(C) function
(D) carnival

Question No:21

Shobha painted some delightful pictures of children.

(A) funny
(B) colourful
(C) charming
(D) happy

Question No:22

During negotiations, the Managing director remained obdurate,

(A) adamant
(B) tough
(C) co-operative
(D) flexible

Question No:23

He kept his eyes peeled and his ears pricked for some important clue.

(A) hint
(B) inkling
(C) intimation
(D) signal

Question No:24

He was reasonable enough to behave according to the circumstances.

(A) peaceful
(B) attentive
(C) sensitive
(D) determined

Question No:25

She overruled her son’s demand of a motorbike.

(A) neglected
(B) disallowed
(C) ignored
(D) fulfilled