Synonyms MCQ-39

Question No:1

After his graduation, he had to pass through a period of privation.

(A) hardship
(B) uncertainty
(C) prosperity
(D) privacy

Question No:2

Now the fury of the demonstrators turned against the machines,

(A) asperity
(B) passion
(C) rage
(D) acrimony

Question No:3

His commands were so peremptory that we felt humiliated,

(A) specious
(B) poignant
(C) dictatorial
(D) rough

Question No:4

He would have been his close associate had he not been disloyal,

(A) employee
(B) competitor
(C) colleague
(D) executive

Question No:5

Every body laughed at the puerility of his statement.

(A) inaccuracy
(B) childishness
(C) insincerity
(D) falsehood

Question No:6

All the streets looked just the same,

(A) decisively
(B) normally
(C) exactly
(D) simply

Question No:7

At the Hardy house there was great consternation when Aunt Gertrude saw Joe helping Frank up the stairs,

(A) surprise
(B) panic
(C) gaity
(D) anxiety

Question No:8

He is a candid politician.

(A) frank
(B) faithful
(C) fearless
(D) soft spoken

Question No:9

The purpose of his speech was to lampoon the leading politicians of the day.

(A) praise
(B) expose
(C) ridicule
(D) deftime

Question No:10

Sagacity increases with age.

(A) Wisdom
(B) Love
(C) Maturity
(D) Efficiency

Question No:11

She has an insatiable love for music,

(A) undesirable
(B) irreconcilable
(C) unchanging
(D) unsatisfiable

Question No:12

I was shocked to see my friend lying at the edge of the road.

(A) side
(B) bank
(C) corner
(D) border

Question No:13

He is very discreet while deciding such matters.

(A) obstinate
(B) cunning
(C) prudent
(D) trustworthy

Question No:14

Science has revealed the mysteries of nature to man.

(A) released
(B) disclosed
(C) opened
(D) cleared

Question No:15

It is a scandal that the murderer was declared innocent.

(A) rumour
(B) silly notion
(C) talk
(D) disgraceful action

Question No:16

Ever since the death of his mother, my friend is utterly forlorn and wretched.

(A) frustrated
(B) lonely
(C) fearful
(D) gloomy

Question No:17

The rancous shouts of the audience forced the management to call off the show.

(A) unpleasant
(B) loud
(C) harsh
(D) harmful

Question No:18

He was admonished for the delay

(A) dismissed
(B) admired
(C) censured
(D) advised

Question No:19

What is the ultimate goal of life?

(A) fixed
(B) final
(C) desired
(D) immediate

Question No:20

Everyone who has worked for him hammers home that point because they feel that it is widely unappreciated.

(A) hints
(B) stresses
(C) strikes
(D) directs

Question No:21

We must eradicate corruption.

(A) minimise
(B) control
(C) condemn
(D) uproot

Question No:22

During his stay in Canada, he had quite a few frustrating experiences.

(A) disappointing
(B) disenchanting
(C) humiliating
(D) repulsive

Question No:23

I tried to persuade him to change his mind, but he remained adamant.

(A) foolish
(B) aggressive
(C) stubborn
(D) defensive

Question No:24

The weavers have to do monotonous work.

(A) repititive
(B) exhausting
(C) irksome
(D) autonomous

Question No:25

There was always an imminent danger of the falling of that damaged roof.

(A) constant
(B) impending
(C) remote-
(D) favourable