Synonyms MCQ-40

Question No:1

Directions :
In each of the following questions, out of the given alternative, choose the one which can replace the word printed in bold in the sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence.
She is really a fantastic girl.

(A) wonderful
(B) charming
(C) beautiful
(D) intelligent

Question No:2

In present day society, money plays the only dominant role in almost all transactions.

(A) jobs
(B) negotiations
(C) business
(D) proceedings

Question No:3

The old man was fond of giving homilies whenever we went to him with a problem.

(A) alternatives
(B) advice
(C) suggestions
(D) sermon

Question No:4

He enjoyed the salubrious climate of the place.

(A) cold
(B) temperate
(C) warm
(D) healthful

Question No:5

The soldier displayed exceptional courage and saved the Major from the enemy’s hand.

(A) new
(B) strange
(C) abnormal
(D) unusual

Question No:6

The house cannot accommodate more people.

(A) hold
(B) allow
(C) hide
(D) associate

Question No:7

If you want the quality of your writings to improve, then avoid redurdant words.

(A) unwilling
(B) mistaken
(C) wrong
(D) repetitive

Question No:8

Catching snakes can be hazardous for people untrained in the art.

(A) dangerous
(B) difficult
(C) harmful
(D) tricky

Question No:9

In order to tarnish the public image of his opponent, he has got a mendacious story planted in the local newspaper,

(A) false
(B) fabricated
(C) imaginary
(D) horrible

Question No:10

The sentiments expressed by him in the speech were odious.

(A) significant
(B) hateful
(C) admirable
(D) common

Question No:11

A civilized Roman banquet was a thing of great richness, style and decorum.

(A) palace
(B) feast
(C) ornament
(D) table

Question No:12

The troops were mobilized to take control of the tensed situation,

(A) Organized into platoons
(B) summoned to headquarters
(C) prepared for active service
(D) collected hurriedly

Question No:13

He listened to her mellifluous music under the genial influence of wine.

(A) heavy
(B) stressing
(C) drowsy
(D) sympathetic

Question No:14

His lascivious habits brought him nothing but bad name.

(A) treacherous
(B) erotic
(C) lustful
(D) vicious

Question No:15

The fishing boat pulled away from the wharf and chugged smoothly down the bay.

(A) harbour
(B) shore
(C) quay
(D) anchor

Question No:16

The people attending the carnival looked gay and happy,

(A) occasion
(B) fair
(C) function
(D) revelry

Question No:17

The aberration in the Indian economy can be attributed to short-sightedness of its political masters.

(A) deviation
(B) steadfastness
(C) privilege
(D) procrastination

Question No:18

Feeling drowsy may be a side effect of too many antibiotics,

(A) dizzy
(B) energetic
(C) irritable
(D) sluggish

Question No:19

India has too often to fulminate against Pakistan’s role in aiding and abetting acts of militancy on her soil,

(A) think
(B) consider
(C) conspire
(D) protest

Question No:20

Everyone was listening to the news of earthquake with mounting anxiety.

(A) interest
(B) eagerness
(C) uneasiness
(D) grief

Question No:21

The accident occurred due to his lapse.

(A) haste
(B) error
(C) ignorance
(D) carelessness

Question No:22

Courtesy does riot cost one anything.

(A) Gentility
(B) Civility
(C) Amiability
(D) Urbanity

Question No:23

It was incumbent on him to report the matter at once.

(A) pointless
(B) depending
(C) pressing
(D) optional

Question No:24

The intruders strangled the lady to death.

(A) thrashed
(B) forced
(C) compressed
(D) throttled

Question No:25

Only my neighbour succoured me during my illness.

(A) nourished
(B) treated
(C) aided
(D) attended