Synonyms MCQ-38

Question No:1

Directions :
In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the italicized bold part of the sentence.
Sporadic rise in his temperature has caused us much worry.

(A) Frequent
(B) Irksome
(C) Irregular
(D) Scattered

Question No:2

Ant is believed to be the most industrious creature.

(A) sensible
(B) diligent
(C) successful
(D) punctual

Question No:3

The tour was cancelled on account of incessant rain.

(A) constant
(B) heavy
(C) intermittent
(D) unexpected

Question No:4

I disdain those who tell lies.

(A) condemn
(B) scorn
(C) hate
(D) despise

Question No:5

The benevolence of the God of Rain has seen a very successful monsoon this year too.

(A) vision
(B) morbidity
(C) kindness
(D) ill-will

Question No:6

The country’s resources should be judiciously used.

(A) sparingly
(B) reasonably
(C) adequately
(D) immensely

Question No:7

Everyone tries to avoid his company because he is in the habit of using too many jibes .

(A) jokes
(B) abuses
(C) criticism
(D) taunts

Question No:8

The story is too fantastic to be credible .

(A) praiseworthy
(B) readable
(C) believable
(D) false

Question No:9

A government rocked by frequent scandals is an effete set of people with no credibility.

(A) innocent
(B) stupid
(C) excited
(D) exhausted

Question No:10

She does not get her work done punctually and properly because she is always dawdling.

(A) confused
(B) playing
(C) loitering
(D) chit-chatting

Question No:11

The little coy bride was admired by everyone.

(A) beautiful
(B) shy
(C) talented
(D) sweet

Question No:12

The small boy was able to give a graphic description of the thief.

(A) vague
(B) broad
(C) vivid
(D) drawing

Question No:13

He was dismissed from service because they found him dishonest.

(A) prevented
(B) removed
(C) retired
(D) stopped

Question No:14

If you waver at the last minute, you shall face failure.

(A) resolve
(B) decide
(C) settle
(D) hesitate

Question No:15

Reading of poetry is not congenial to his taste.

(A) suited
(B) beneficial
(C) helpful
(D) preferable

Question No:16

Gandhiji always advocated the cause of indigenous industries,

(A) foreign
(B) big
(C) cottage
(D) native

Question No:17

Kamini could not recollect the incident that had happened in her childhood.

(A) remind
(B) recall
(C) memorise
(D) assemble

Question No:18

He was warned at theoutset of his career.

(A) end
(B) beginning
(C) middle
(D) entrance

Question No:19

The bounties of nature are being exploited by man.

(A) gifts
(B) products
(C) rules
(D) ecological balances

Question No:20

There is no efficacious remedy to unemployment problem in a country which has no ideological convictions.

(A) suitable
(B) possible
(C) effective
(D) proper

Question No:21

A bone got stuck in his gullet.

(A) stomach
(B) molars
(C) chest
(D) throat

Question No:22

India is still a virgin land exploring its tourism potential.

(A) undone
(B) unexplored
(C) uncouth
(D) unexploited

Question No:23

The need of the hour is to initiate the renaissance of moral conscience and halt the rampant corruption, for it could even hasten the end of our civilization,

(A) rise
(B) introduction
(C) revival
(D) significance

Question No:24

I have told him many times not to do that.

(A) several
(B) Unlimited
(C) endless
(D) numberless

Question No:25

Methods of spreading the family planning message have been as fecund as they have been abortive,

(A) fruitful
(B) failing
(C) peculiar
(D) false