Synonyms MCQ-37


Question No:1

We didn’t believe in his statement, but subsequent events proved that he was right.

(A) later
(B) earlier
(C) many
(D) few

Question No:2

The lurid details of the murder in broad day light sent chilling sensations down the spine of everybody.

(A) realistic
(B) vivid
(C) bleak
(D) ghastly

Question No:3

The sight moved him to pity and compunction.

(A) confusion
(B) wonder
(C) regret
(D) anger

Question No:4

Few teachers have been spared the problem of an obstreperous pupil in the class.

(A) Awkward
(B) Lazy
(C) unruly
(D) sullen

Question No:5

Radhey Shyam does unpaid work for the charity school.

(A) honourable
(B) honorary
(C) honest
(D) honorific

Question No:6

The host looked quite Jaded by the time the party was over.

(A) miserable
(B) cheerful
(C) inspiring
(D) exhausted

Question No:7

Many people buy charms and talismans because they think they will bring them luck.

(A) amulets
(B) tokens
(C) lucky cards
(D) stones

Question No:8

How beautiful ! This is really something to ponder over.

(A) sing
(B) dance
(C) think
(D) wonder

Question No:9

Too many drugs are apt to cause distress.

(A) misery
(B) depression
(C) suffering
(D) melancholy

Question No:10

Drinking is a vice which ultimately ruins a person.

(A) habit
(B) crime
(C) sin
(D) evil

Question No:11

Ritu asked Rashmi not to meddle in her affairs.

(A) intercede
(B) impose
(C) cross
(D) interfere

Question No:12

His speech was full of affectation.

(A) boasting
(B) pretence
(C) pedantry
(D) euphemism

Question No:13

Cross-examination could not elicit any reason for his being absent,

(A) prove
(B) find fault with
(C) produce
(D) draw out

Question No:14

Many people feel queasy while travelling on a bus on hilly roads.

(A) uneasy
(B) mobile
(C) drowsy
(D) dynamic

Question No:15

I wrote to him as lately as last week,

(A) late
(B) recently
(C) early
(D) immediately

Question No:16

He listened to my request with indifference.

(A) caution
(B) displeasure
(C) concern
(D) disinterest

Question No:17

The patient began to rave incoherently in a fit of high fever,

(A) talk wildly
(B) express anger
(C) pray meekly
(D) deny forcefully

Question No:18

His grandparents had grown feeble and helpless.

(A) weak
(B) incapacitated
(C) timid
(D) humiliated

Question No:19

Incensed by his rude behaviour, the manager suspended the worker,

(A) Enthused
(B) Enraged
(C) Inflamed
(D) Excited

Question No:20

Foolhardiness is the result of constant strains.

(A) Exhaustion
(B) Obstinacy
(C) Sickness
(D) Foolishness

Question No:21

Physical courage urges a man to risk injury or death,

(A) compels
(B) forces
(C) persuades
(D) forbids

Question No:22

Even the loss of her jewels did not disturb the lady’s equanimity.

(A) temper
(B) composure
(C) affability
(D) humour

Question No:23

Many cities were incinerated during the war

(A) destroyed
(B) shaken
(C) bombed
(D) burnt

Question No:24

The Japanese have introduced a nippy little car for joy riders,

(A) funny
(B) cheap
(C) quick
(D) expensive

Question No:25

The data compiled by the organization was very useful.

(A) analysed
(B) enclosed
(C) collected
(D) published