Synonyms MCQ-36

Synonyms Objective Questions for GRE,CAT,IES,RRB,IBPS,LIC,GIC Exams

Question No:1

Deepak has a penchant for fine poetry.

(A) desire
(B) bias
(C) liking
(D) training

Question No:2

The defendant was grateful for the judge’s clemency .

(A) patience
(B) mercy
(C) relaxed attitude
(D) politeness

Question No:3

He hardly works.

(A) strenuously
(B) scarcely
(C) mostly
(D) arduously

Question No:4

This machine was fabricated in our own workshop.

(A) operated
(B) constructed
(C) installed
(D) designed

Question No:5

The number of aboriginal inhabitants in Australia is considerable.

(A) primitive
(B) ancient
(C) unoriginal
(D) irrational

Question No:6

The quiz game comprises three rounds,

(A) involves
(B) incorporates
(C) retairis
(D) consists of

Question No:7

Harish ran the marathon race in less than two hours.

(A) succeeded
(B) rushed
(C) completed
(D) scored

Question No:8

Since he promised to do so, I presume he will come.

(A) think
(B) guess
(C) suppose
(D) believe

Question No:9

The inspector was a vigilant young man.

(A) smart
(B) watchful
(C) ambitious
(D) intelligent

Question No:10

The American policy did much to escalate the conflict.

(A) to spread in a wider area
(B) to scale up
(C) to reduce in intensity
(D) to put an end to

Question No:11

Ashish did not admit his mistake in the beginning.

(A) commit
(B) apologize
(C) accept
(D) realise

Question No:12

Man has to encounter many hardships in life.

(A) solve
(B) face
(C) bear
(D) overcome

Question No:13

His wife enjoined him to change his ways.

(A) asked
(B) pleaded
(C) urged
(D) threatened

Question No:14

He would have been successful, but for his lack of temerity

(A) audacity
(B) sincerity
(C) confidence
(D) strength

Question No:15

That was the time when there was a hunger for foreign knowledge and foreign thought.

(A) wish
(B) appetite
(C) desire
(D) greed

Question No:16

I could achieve success through conscious efforts.

(A) efforts done after gaining consciousness
(B) efforts made with critical awareness
(C) efforts done without any desire
(D) tremendous efforts

Question No:17

He is quite meticulous in his dealings with others.

(A) reserved
(B) haughty
(C) indifferent
(D) very careful

Question No:18

Sanjay is going to foot the bill for the repairs.

(A) own
(B) pay
(C) bear
(D) stand

Question No:19

He used to regale us with anecdotes.

(A) bore
(B) flatter
(C) entertain
(D) tire

Question No:20

Different races follow different modes of living.

(A) ways
(B) standards
(C) customs
(D) attitudes

Question No:21

The operator was commended for his dexterity.

(A) cooperation
(B) courtesy
(C) punctuality
(D) skill

Question No:22

Millionaires become eccentric in their old age.

(A) irritable
(B) peculiar
(C) dull
(D) miserly

Question No:23

She would take a deep sigh and lapse into silence.

(A) pass
(B) revert
(C) turn
(D) get

Question No:24

His judicious handling of the matter saved the situation from going out of control.

(A) nervous
(B) helpful
(C) sensible
(D) cautious

Question No:25

The prisoners of war were subjected to bestial atrocities.

(A) hardships
(B) punishments
(C) cruelties
(D) jobs