Synonyms MCQ-57

outlandish is most similar to

(A) distant
(B) absurd
(C) pastoral
(D) belligerent

outlandish means extremely out of the ordinary; absurd means ridiculously unreasonable

pine is most similar to

(A) clean
(B) hate
(C) resolve
(D) crave

to pine means to long for, or to crave

exploit is most similar to

(A) answer
(B) feat
(C) accident
(D) persuade

an exploit is a notable or heroic act; a feat is a courageous deed

culmination is most similar to

(A) realization
(B) disaster
(C) serendipity
(D) persuasion

culmination means the act of reaching the highest point, or decisive action; realization means the act of bringing into concrete existence

feign is most similar to

(A) jab
(B) swoon
(C) pretend
(D) dread

to feign means to assert as if true, or to pretend

auspicious is most similar to

(A) deceitful
(B) foreboding
(C) favorable
(D) dangerous

auspicious means marked by favorable signs

gambit is most similar to

(A) frolic
(B) ploy
(C) testimony
(D) sentence

one meaning of gambit is a calculated move; a ploy is a tactic

voracious is most similar to

(A) ravenous
(B) violent
(C) voluble
(D) rambunctious

voracious and ravenous mean having a huge appetite

exploit is most similar to

(A) ability
(B) section
(C) vindictive
(D) glib

facile means easily achieved and often lacking sincerity; glib means marked by ease and lacking depth and substance

eschew is most similar to

(A) revert
(B) accompany
(C) admire
(D) abstain

to eschew means to avoid habitually, or to abstain

abscond is most similar to

(A) rob
(B) obscure
(C) flee
(D) absolve

to abscond means to depart secretly; to flee means to run away

knack is most similar to

(A) bruise
(B) ability
(C) keepsake
(D) scoundrel

a knack is a special ability

apropos is most similar to

(A) opportune
(B) unexpected
(C) misspoken
(D) idea

apropos means being both relevant and appropriate; opportune means occurring at an appropriate time

veritable is most similar to

(A) deep
(B) authentic
(C) ancient
(D) irascible

veritable means not false or imagined, or authentic

unmitigated is most similar to

(A) audacious
(B) unpersuasive
(C) utter
(D) dense

unmitigated means offering little chance of change or relief, or absolute; utter means total or absolute

epitome is most similar to

(A) volume
(B) essence
(C) summit
(D) deliverance

an epitome is a typical or ideal example; essence is the real or very basic nature of something

edict is most similar to

(A) decree
(B) vacate
(C) correction
(D) destiny

an edict is an official proclamation; a decree is an order with the force of the law

extol is most similar to

(A) praise
(B) tax
(C) burden
(D) berate

to extol means to praise highly

abeyant is most similar to

(B) disgusting
(C) pending
(D) novice

abeyant means in a period of temporary inactivity, or pending

knell is most similar to

(A) copse
(B) hill
(C) toll
(D) rattle

to knell means to sound in an ominous manner; to toll means to sound in long measured strokes; both words are used to describe the ringing of bells