General Science Physics MCQ-1

When a fluid passes through the constricted part of a pipe, its

(A) velocity and pressure decrease
(B) velocity and pressure increase
(C) velocity decreases and pressure increases
(D) velocity increases and pressure decreases

An oil drop is placed on the surface of water. It will

(A) remain on the surface as a distorted drop
(B) remain on the surface as a sphere
(C) spread as a thin layer
(D) None of the above

When the same note is played on a sitar and a flute, the sound produced can be distinguished from each other because of the difference in

(A) pitch and loudness
(B) quality only
(C) pitch, loudness and quality
(D) loudness only

The Doppler’s effect is applicable for

(A) light wave
(B) space wave
(C) sound wave
(D) All of these

The pressure in a liquid at a given depth below the surface

(A) is same in all directions
(B) is always exerted downward
(C) equals the total weight of liquid above the depth
(D) depends upon the amount of liquid below the depth

When the temperature increases, the angle of contact of liquid

(A) decreases
(B) increases
(C) remain the same
(D) None of these

Which one of the following statements is not correct?

(A) The velocity of sound in air is independent of pressure
(B) The velocity of sound in air increases with increase of temperature
(C) The velocity of sound in air decreases as the humidity increases
(D) The velocity of sound in air is not affected by the change in amplitude and frequency

When a wave goes from one level to another, there is a change in the
1. frequency
2. velocity
3. amplitude
wave length
Choose the correct answer

(A) 1,2 and 3
(B) 2, 3 and 4
(C) 2 and 3
(D) 1,2, 3 and 4

The pressure at the bottom of a liquid tank does not depend on

(A) density of the liquid
(B) acceleration due to gravity
(C) area of the liquid surface
(D) height of the liquid

When there are no external forces the shape of a liquid drop is determined by

(A) viscosity of air
(B) density of the liquid
(C) temperature of air
(D) surface tension of the liquid

Ultrasonic waves are produced by

(A) Peltier ‘s effect
(B) Piezoelectric effect
(C) Doppler’s effect
(D) Coulomb’s law

The velocity of sound is generally greater in solids than in gases because

(A) the density of solids is low and the elasticity is high
(B) the elasticity of solids is very high
(C) the density of solids is high and the elasticity is low
(D) Both the density and elasticity of solids are very low

The pressure of the earth’s atmosphere at sea level is due to the

(A) heating of the atmosphere by the sun
(B) fact that most living things constantly breathe air
(C) evaporation of water from the seas and oceans
(D) gravitational attraction of the earth for the atmosphere

Ball pen functions on which one of the following principle?

(A) Boyle’s law
(B) Gravitational force
(C) Surface tension
(D) Viscosity

With the increase in temperature, the frequency of the sound from an organ pipe

(A) increases
(B) decreases
(C) remain unchanged
(D) changes erratically

Mechanical waves

(A) are longitudinal only
(B) are transverse only
(C) can be both longitudinal and transverse
(D) None of the above

The rate of leak from a hole in a tank is

(A) more if situated near the bottom
(B) more if situated near its top
(C) independent of its height from the bottom
(D) more at midway between top and bottom