General Science Questions-3

From which plant, the insecticide pyrethrum is prepared?


In DC generator, when the electricity produced in armature, resulted in


Newton’s first law is also called as

Law of Inertia

When a ship enters the sea from a river what will be the effect?

It Rises a Little

The measurement of hotness or coldness of a body is called


Which kind of mirror is used to make periscopes?

Plane Mirror

Electric current in a metal wire is due to the flow of what?


The acid is gastric juice is which kind of acid?

Sulphuric Acid

Name two water soluble vitamins?

Vitamin-B and C

Which type of sound waves cannot be heard by human ear?

Infrasonic Waves

What is the percentage of hydrocarbon in natural gas?


Who is regarded as ‘Father of Botany’?

Theophrastus 210

In case of reflection, it is well known that when a mirror turned through an angle the reflected ray turns through

Twice the Angle

Which animal’s zoological name is Bos indicus?


The mirror used by the dentists to see the teeth of patients is

Concave Mirror

The ‘xylem’ in plants is responsible mainly for

Transportation of Water

What is responsible for formation of stone in human kidney?

Calcium Oxalate

‘Bauxite’ is an ore of


A person with vision defect ‘Myopia’ can see

Nearby Objects Clearly

Energy flow in biosphere ecosystem is


Which part of Cinchona yields a drug?


An organism that transmits disease from one individual to another is called


Hydraulic brakes work on the principle of

Pascal’s Law

Who invented the mobile phone?

Martin Cooper