General Science Questions-2

Ptylin is an enzyme produced by Salivary Glands Swine flu caused by what thing?


Short messaging service of mobile phones founded by whom?

Matti Makhonan

The National Chemical Laboratory, a constituent member of the CSIR, is situated in which place?

Pune (Maharashtra)

Which organ gets affected in Hepatitis?


AIDS is an acronym for

Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

What is the name of India’s first nuclear reactor?


The pigment that gives colour to the skin is Melanin Which mineral is used in pencils?


Dengue fever is caused by which thing?

Mosquito Virus

Naini-Saini Airstrip Project is situated in which place?


The disease is caused by the fungi namely Tenia pedes. This is an infectious disease of skin which spreads mainly due to cracking of feet

Athlete’s Foot

Insulin hormone is secreted by which organ?


Light year is an unit of


What is the chemical formula of heavy water?


Where is the National Defence Academy (NDA) is situated?


When a small ball of iron get submerged in water whereas the ship can easily float on water. The principle lying behind this upon which scientists theory?


How much quantity plasma is present in human blood?

55% to 60%

The Ti plasmid used in genetic engineering is obtained from which thing?

Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Hormone production is a function related to what thing?


Which types of RNA participates in RNA processing?


What is the chief constituent of natural gas? Methane

Name the largerst blood vessel in the human body? Aorta

PCR is used to detect which disease?


What is the life span of the RBC?

120 Days

Which virus causes common cold in human beings?

Rhino Virus