General Science Questions-1

In a fire accident what role plays polymer?

Produces Heat

The amount of matter in a ball of steel is its?


Amino acids are required for the synthesis of


Which factor is involved in blood coagulation?

Christmas Factor

What is the decible level of sound produced by two persons in conversation?

About 30 db

Which phenomenon helps to conclude that light is a transverse wave?


Minimata disease is caused by pollution of water by which thing?


Iron fillings can be separated from a heterogeneous mixture using which technique?


The pathogen of diarrhea is


Natural system of classification was proposed by botanists of which country?


The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius is Fermi The Brown Revolution focuses on increase in which thing?

Fertilizer Production

Nitric acid does not react with which metal? Gold What amount of calories found in 1 litre of water?

No Calorie

ICs are classified on the basis of number of


The terminal colour bands of rainbow are

Violet and Red

Neurology is related to human body’s which system?

Nervous System

A specific test for detection of tuberculosis is Montoux Test

Diabetes is caused due to malfunctioning of Pancreas

Supernova is what kind of star?

A Dying Star

The weedicide commonly used for paddy is

2, 4-D

UP 308 is a variety of


For sending and receiving data between computers around the world through telephone lines, we need which instrument?


Entomology is the science that studies which thing?

Study of Insects

Which virus causes poliomyelitis i.e., Polio?


Potato is the outgrowth of which part of its herb?


Indigenous Visibility Measuring System to check the runway visual range, called Drishti installed at which airport in India?

IGI Airport (New Delhi)