Indian Polity-43

Composition of the Legislative Assemblies comes under which Article?


The minimum age of voter in India is


In the absence of President, if Vice-President is not available, who can act as the President?

Chief Justice of India

How the NITI Aayog is established?

Through a Cabinet Resolution

National emergency under Article-352 imposed in India how many times?


How many times Lok Sabha formed till now?

16 Times

Which writ can be issued by a High Court to secure liberty of the individual?

Habeas Corpus

The tenure of office of Attorney-General is

Pleasure of President

The provisions for municipalities covered under which Article of the Constitution of India?

Article-243(P) to 243(ZG)

The President convenes and prorogues all sessions of the Parliament in consultation with whom?

Prime Minister

The executive powers of the Union vests in the

Council of Ministers

The largest parliamentary constituency in terms of number is


The protection of women from domestic violence Act came into force on


The President can dissolve the Lok Sabha one advice of whom?

Prime Minister

The Indian Parliament consists of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and

The President

National Commission for Backward Classes and Minority are which kind of body?


Which Articles of the Constitution are related to Subordinate Courts?

Article-233 to 237

World’s first-ever dengue fever vaccine is branded as


An ordinance issued by the Governor has to be passed by the Assembly within

6 Weeks

Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with election Commission?


Which Article of the Constitution of India states that there shall be Governor for each State?


Right to Information Act was passed in the year


Which part of the Parliament of India represented the States and Union Territories?

The Upper House

If the President want to resign, he shall address his letter of resignation to whom?


Which kind of body an election commission is?

Constitutional Body

Human Rights Day is observed annually on


India Constitution deals with the citizenship from Article-5 to 11 under

Part II

In between BR Mehta Committee and Ashok Mehta Committee, which committee formed later?

Ashok Mehta Committee

73rd Constitutional Amendment is related to

Panchayati Raj System

Who administers the Union Territories?

The President

Which High Court has jurisdiction over Andaman and Nicobar islands?

Calcutta High Court