NEET Botany Test,The Living World,NEET Botany Model Questions

Botany The Living World Objective Question test-3

1. ICBN stands for


2. Which of the following rank contains organisms most similar to one another


3. National botanical Research Institute is located at


4. The author of Systema Naturae is


5. First book in which binomial nomenclature of plants was used


6. Binomial system of nomenclature has been suggested by


7. Binomial nomenclature was popularised by


8. Plant specimens that are dried, pressed and preserved on sheets the form of


9. Herbarium sheets label provides information about


10. Museums have


11. A taxonomic aid called key is


12. Interbreeding is possible between two members of


13. Lead is


14. The famous international botanical garden is in


15. A species is taxonomically


16. Botanical gardens have


17. The name of a plant family ends with


18. Which of the following characters are mainly considered for classification of plants ?


19. Which of the following organisms do not reproduce ?


20. Which one of the following statements is incorrect?


21. Taxonomic hierarchy refers to


22. Binomial nomenclature means


23. Living organisms are characterised by


24. Which of the following hierarchy is correct with reference to levels of biological organization ?


25. Metabolism comprises