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Environmental Chemistry Mock Test-7

Question No:1

Eutrophicatton causes reduction In

[A] Dissolved Oxygen
[B] Nutrients
[C] Dissolved Salts
[D] All of the Above

Question No:2

Excess nitrate in drinking water can cause

[A] Methemoglobinemia
[B] Kidney damage
[C] Liver damage
[D] Laxative effect

Question No:3

Interference in development and maturation ol RNt” Ls caused by

[A] Mg Pollution
[B] Pb Pollution
[C] S Pollution
[D] All of these.

Question No:4

The value of BOD of highly polluted water is

[A] more than 17 ppm
[B] more than 5 ppm
[C] 1 ppm
[D] 5 ppm

Question No:5

DOD measures the amount of
I. Inorganic Material in water.
II. Organic Material in water.
Identity the correct option

[A] only I
[B] only II
[C] Both I and II
[D] Neither I nor II

Question No:6

Tooth decay is caused by deficiency of

[A] Fluor ide
[B] Lead
[C] Sulphates
[D] Nitrates

Question No:7

Matrix Match
Column I—- Column II
(I) Phosphate fertilisers (P) BOD level of water in water increases
(ii) Methane in air (Q) Acid rain
(iii) Synthetic detergents in water (R) Global warming
(iv) Nitrogen oxides is (S) Eutrophication air

[A] i- P ,ii-S , iii-Q ,iv-R
[B] i-P,S ,ii-R , iii-Q ,iv-P
[C] i-R,P ,ii-Q , iii-P ,iv-Q
[D] i-P,S ,ii-R , iii-P ,iv-Q

Question No:8

The major source of BOD in River Ganga is

[A] Leaf Litter
[B] Fishes
[C] Human Waste
[D] Aquatic Plants

Question No:9

Which of the following trophic level has least concentration of toxins deposition?

[A] Aquatic Plant
[B] Small Fish
[C] Human Being
[D] Largest Fish

Question No:10

Most abundant water pollutant Ls

[A] Detergents
[B] Pesticides
[C] Industrial wastes
[D] Ammonia

Question No:11

Matrix Match
Column I — Column II
(Metals)— (Maximum prescribed concentration ppm or mg dm )
(i) Fe (P) 0.005
(ii) Cd (Q) O2
(iii) Mn (R) 5.0
(iv) Zn (S) 0.05

[A] Q- P- R- S
[B] Q – P- S- R
[C] P- S- R – Q
[D] Q- R- S- P

Question No:12

Matrix Match
Column I —Column II(i) Sulphur dioxide in air (P) Global warming
(ii) Carbon dioxide in air (Q) Eutrophication
(iii) Phosphate fertilisers in H2O
(R) Acid rain
(iv) Detergents In water (S) Increase BOD level in H2O

[A] i-R ;iii- Q,S;iii- P;iv- S
[B] i-R ;ii- P;iii- Q,S;iv- S
[C] i-R;ii- Q,S;iii- P; iv- S
[D] i-R;ii- R;iii- Q; iv- S

Question No:13

Matrix Match
Column I —-Column II
(i) UV radiation (P) Bio magnificat ton(ii) DDT (Q) Skin cancer(iii) Phosphate (R) Eutrophication

[A] i – P ; ii -Q ;iii -R
[B] i-P ; i-R ;iii-Q
[C] i – Q ; ii –R; iii -P
[D] I – Q ; ii – P; iii -R

Question No:14

Fluoride deficiency in drinking water causes
I. harmful effect on bone
II. tooth decay
III. blue baby syndrome
Choose the correct option:

[A] Only I
[B] Only II
[C] Only III
[D] I and II

Question No:15

Excess nitrate in drinking causes
l. tooth decay
ll. methemoglobinemia
lll. digestive disorder Select the correct option:

[A] Only I
[B] Only II
[C] Only lll
[D] III and IV