NTA NEET Environmental Chemistry model,mock,grand online practice

Environmental Chemistry Mock Test-6

Question No:1

Which one of the to Ho wing statements is not true?

[A] pH of drinking water should lie between 5.5 and 9.5
[B] Concentration of DO below 6 ppm is good for growth of fish.
[C] Clean water would have a BOD value of leu than 5 ppm.
[D] Oxides of sulphur, nitrogen and carbon are the most widespread air pollutant.

Question No:2

BOD is a measure of organic material present in water. BOD value less than 5 ppm indicates a water sample to be

[A] rich in dissolved oxygen
[B] (h) poor in dissolved oxygen
[C] highly polluted
[D] not su liable lor aquatic lite

Question No:3

Sewage water is purified by

[A] Aquatic plants
[B] Microorganisms
[C] Light
[D] Fishes

Question No:4

Water is often treated with chlorine to

[A] remove hardness
[B] Increase oxygen content
[C] kills germs
[D] remove suspended particles

Question No:5

What is the concentration of dissolved oxygen In cold water?

[A] 5 ppm
[B] 10 ppm
[C] 200000 ppm
[D] 100 ppm

Question No:6

BOD test is made lor measuring

[A] Air Pollution
[B] Water Pollution
[C] Noise Pollution
[D] Soil Pollution

Question No:7

Mlnamata disease of japan is due to pollution of

[A] As
[B] Pb
[C] Cyanide
[D] Kg

Question No:8

Water pollution is caused by

[A] U) Rettlcides
[B] SO2
[C] O2
[D] CO2

Question No:9

The quantity of DDT In food chain

[A] decreases
[B] remains same
[C] increases
[D] changes

Question No:10

The maximum prescribed concentration of cadmium in drinking H2O in ppm is

[A] 0.05
[B] 3
[C] 2
[D] 0.005

Question No:11

Which is NOT a cause of acid rain?

[A] NO2
[B] C2H6
[C] SO2
[D] CO2

Question No:12

Which causes water pollution?

[A] Jet Planes
[B] Herbicides
[C] Smoke
[D] Combustion of fossils

Question No:13

Most common and commercial water pollutant is

[A] Industrial waste
[B] fertilisers
[C] Detergents
[D] PCBs

Question No:14

For clean water BOD Is less than

[A] 17 ppm
[B] 12.5 ppm
[C] 7 ppm
[D] 5 ppm

Question No:15

Water pollution is caused by

[A] Pesticides
[B] Fly ash
[C] Auto exhausts
[D] Aeroplanes