NEET UG Bilogy The Living World online Mock CBT Questions PDF

The Living World Mock Test-1

NEET UG Bilogy The Living World online Mock CBT Questions

A pair of contrasting characters in keys are called

(A) Doublet
(B) Duplet
(C) Couplet
(D) Triplet

Botanical gardens have

(A) living plants and animals for reference
(B) collection of living plants
(C) preserved plant specimens
(D) Living and preserved plants

Herbaria are useful in

(A) Understanding the distribution of plants
(B) Observing the habitat of plants
(C) Identification of plants
(D) Indicating list of plants in a particular area

In a taxonomic hierarchy, from species to kingdom

(A) The number of common Characters decrease
(B) complexity decreases
(C) more common characters are shared between members of higher taxa
(D) similarities between plants increase

Lowest and highest taxonomic categories are respectively

(A) Division, species
(B) species, Division
(C) species kingdom
(D) phylum genus

Mango belongs to this order

(A) Anacardiales
(B) Poales
(C) Sapindales
(D) Polymoniales

Potato, tomato, brinjal differ in this, tax on

(A) Species
(B) Genus
(C) Family
(D) Order

First step of taxonomy is

(A) classification
(B) description
(C) Identification
(D) Nomenclature

Taxonomy comprises

(A) Identification
(B) Classification
(C) Nomenclature
(D) all of these

Study of principles and procedures of classification of organisms is

(A) Classification
(B) Taxonomy
(C) Nomenclature
(D) Grouping

Scientific names to the plants are given based on the principles provided by


According to binomial nomenclature, two words used for naming a plant or animal are

(A) family and genus
(B) species and family
(C) class and family
(D) Genus and species

The fundamental taxonomic category is (basic unit is)

(A) Family
(B) class
(C) Genus
(D) Species

The earliest classifications were based on

(A) Reproduction of plants V
(B) Uses of plants
(C) Diversity of plants
(D) Evolutionary relationship of plants

The taxon which includes related families is

(A) order
(B) class
(C) genus
(D) division

Taxon ending with a suffix ales

(A) species
(B) order
(C) taxonomy
(D) classes

ICBN stands for

(A) Indian congress of Biological names
(B) International congress of biological names
(C) Indian code of botanical nomenclature
(D) International code of botanical nomenclature

Which of the following rank contains organisms most similar to one another

(A) Genus
(B) Division
(C) Kingdom
(D) Species

National botanical Research Institute is located at

(A) Delhi
(B) Kolkata
(C) Lucknow
(D) Dehradun

The author of Systema Nature ?

(A) de candolle
(B) Linnaeus
(C) Aristotle
(D) Theophrastus