NEET NCERT Botany Plant Kingdom MCQs,PDF,NEET online model Test

Plant kingdom Mock Test-3

NEET Biology Plant Kingdom Mock Test-3

Cycas and Cicer resemble each other in having

(A) Vessels
(B) Seeds
(C) Motile Sperms
(D) Cambium

Which one of the following is correctly matched?

(A) Yeast – Zoospores
(B) Onion – Bulb
(C) Ginger – Sucker
(D) Chlamydomonas – Conidia

Eustele is present in

(A) Algae
(B) Dicots
(C) Bryophytes
(D) Pteridophytes

Which one of the following pairs is wrongly matched?

(A) Mustard – Synergids
(B) Gnetum – Archegonia
(C) Salvinia – Prothallus
(D) Viroids – RNA

Consider the following four statements

(A) The sporophyte in liverworts is more elaborate than that in mosses
(B) Salvinia is heterosporous
(C) The life-cycle in all seed-bearing plants is diplontic
(D) In Pinus male and female cones are borne on different trees

The two wrong statements together are

(A) A and C
(B) A and D
(C) B and C
(D) A and B

Which one of the following plants is monoecious?

(A) Pinus
(B) Cycas
(C) Papaya
(D) Marchantia

Which one of the following has haplontic life cycle?

(A) Polytrichum
(B) Ustilago
(C) wheat
(D) Funaria

Which one of the following is considered important in the development of seed habit?

(A) heterospory
(B) haplontic life cycle
(C) free-living gametophyte
(D) dependent sporophyte

Which one of the following is a vascular cryptogam?

(A) Ginkgo
(B) Marchantia
(C) Cedrus
(D) Equisetum

In which one of the following male and female gametophytes do not have free living independent existence?

(A) Polytrichum
(B) Cedrus
(C) Pteris
(D) Funaria

Spore dissemination in some liverworts is aided by

(A) indusium
(B) Calyptra
(C) peristome teeth
(D) elaters

Peat moss is used as a packing material for sending flowers and live plants to distant places because

(A) it serves as a disinfectant
(B) it is easily available
(C) it is hygroscopic
(D) it reduces transpiration

Which one of the following pairs of plants are not seed producers?

(A) Fern and Funaria
(B) Funaria and Ficus
(C) Ficus and Chlamydomonas
(D) Punica and Pinus

Plants reproducing by spores such as mosses and ferns are grouped under the general term

(A) cryptogams
(B) bryophytes
(C) sporophytes
(D) thallophytes

Which of the following plants produces seeds but not true flowers?

(A) maize
(B) mint
(C) peepal
(D) Pinus

Cycas has two cotyledons but not included in angiosperms because of

(A) naked ovules
(B) seems like monocot
(C) circinate ptyaxis
(D) compound leaves

Plant group with largest ovule, largest tree and largest gametes is

(A) gymnosperm
(B) angiosperm
(C) bryophyta
(D) pteridophyta

Megasporophyll of Cycas has the same nature as

(A) stamen
(B) petal
(C) sepal
(D) carpel BHU

Double fertilization is found without any exception in

(A) bryophytes
(B) gymnosperms
(C) angiosperms
(D) pteridophytes