NEET Biology Plant kingdom NCERT Objective MCQ Online Mock Test

Plant Kingdom Mock Test-1

NEET Biology Plant Kingdom Mock Test-1

Flowering plants with naked seeds are

(A) Dicots
(B) Gymnosperms
(C) Pteridophytes
(D) Angiosperms

In mosses meiosis occurs

(A) during spore formation
(B) in the zygote
(C) in the gametangium
(D) in the gametes

Fern prothallus is

(A) Rhizoid
(B) Sporophyll
(C) Gametophyte
(D) Sporophyte

In bryophytes

(A) both sporophyte and gametophyte are independent
(B) sporophyte is dependent on gametophyte
(C) both sporophyte and gametophyte are dependent
(D) both gametophyte is dependent on sporophyte

Fusion between two dissimilar flagellated or non flagellated gametes is

(A) Isogamy
(B) Autogamy
(C) Anisogamy
(D) Oogamy

A plant with vascular tissues, but without seeds belong to

(A) Gymnosperms
(B) Angiosperms
(C) Pteridophyta
(D) Bryophyta

Gymnosperms exhibit

(A) Naked ovules
(B) Circinate vernation
(C) Dependent sporophyte
(D) All

Double fertilisation is characteristic of

(A) Pteridophyta
(B) Angiosperms
(C) Bryophyta
(D) Gymnosperms

Dominant stage in bryophytes is

(A) Independent sporophyte
(B) Independent gametophyte
(C) (a) and (b)
(D) Dependent sporophyte

Taxonomy based on all observable characters and give equal importance to hundreds of characters considered is

(A) Alpha taxonomy
(B) Cytotaxonomy
(C) Numerical taxonomy
(D) Chemo taxonomy

Choose the correct match regarding forms of algae

(A) Colonial – Volvox
(B) Unicellular – Chara
(C) Filamentous – Chlamydomonas
(D) Branched filamentous – Spirogyra

Marine alga used as food

(A) Chlorella
(B) Sargassum
(C) Polysiphonia
(D) Chlamydomonas

Amphibians of the plant kingdom are

(A) Pteridophytes
(B) Angiosperms
(C) Gymnosperms
(D) Bryophytes

A gymnosperm with unbranched stem is

(A) Pinus
(B) Sequoia
(C) Cycas
(D) Cedrus

Special reproductive structures called gemmae are found in the members of

(A) Bryophyta
(B) Algae
(C) Gymnosperms
(D) Angiosperms

Archegonium is

(A) female sex organ
(B) aggregation of sporophylls
(C) vegetatively reproducing structure
(D) male sex organ

The event that is precursor to seed habit is

(A) formation of cones/strobili
(B) production of similar type of spores
(C) development of zygote into embryo within the female gametophyte
(D) dependence on water for sexual reproduction

Male and female gametophytes in gymno-sperms are

(A) dominant and independent
(B) free living, autotrophic
(C) reduced and dependent
(D) well developed, photosynthetic

Equisetum is

(A) Homosporous bryopsida, moss plant
(B) Heterosporous pteropsida fern
(C) Homosporous psilopsida member
(D) Homosporous sphenopsida member with strobili

First terrestrial plants with vascular tissues

(A) Gymnosperms
(B) Bryophytes
(C) Pteridophytes
(D) Dicots