NEET Zoology Questions Notes,NCERT Zoology Class 11 MCQs,PDFs

Animal Kingdom Mock Test-12

NEET Zoology Questions Notes Animal Kingdom Mock Test-12

Questions No:1

The animals with bilateral symmetry in young stage, and radial pentamerous symmetry in the adult stage, belong to the phylum

[A] Annelida

[B] Mollusca

[C] Cnidaria

[D] Echinodermata

Questions No:2

Bladder worm stage of Taenia solium is

[A] rostella

[B] strobila

[C] onchosphere

[D] cysticercus.

Questions No:3

Leech secretes which of the following anticoagulant

[A] Hirudin

[B] Heparin

[C] Serotonin

[D] Histamine

Questions No:4

A sponge differs form all other matazonas in having

[A] Nerve cells

[B] Absence of blood

[C] Numerous mouthlets and one exit

[D] None of these

Questions No:5

Spirally coiled shell is seen in

[A] Pila

[B] Octopus

[C] Dentalium

[D] Unio

Questions No:6

Study the following four matchings, of animals and their excretory organs.

Column -1— Column – II

A) Tapeworm Solenocytes

B) Earthworm Metanephridia

C) Crab Green glands
D) Squid Malpighian tubules

Which of the above are correct?

[A] only A and B

[B] only A and C

[C] only B and C

[D] only A and D

Questions No:7

Spider is an arthropod, but not included in Insecta. Unlike insects, spiders have

[A] four pairs of legs

[B] antennae in them

[C] wings

[D] larval stage

Questions No:8

Type of fertilization in sponges is

[A] self, internal

[B] cross, internal

[C] cross, external

[D] self, external

Questions No:9

Pseudocoelomates are without

[A] anus

[B] muscles in body wall

[C] segmentation

[D] cuticle

Questions No:10

The principal axis of radial symmetry is

[A] transverse

[B] oro-aboral

[C] sagittal

[D] any axis

Questions No:11

Identify a living fossil of the following

[A] Archaeopteryx

[B] Peripatus

[C] Limulus

[D] lung fish

Questions No:12

Which of the following is an echinoderm?

[A] Sea lemon

[B] Sea fan

[C] Sea hare

[D] Sea urchin

Questions No:13

Body is divided into segments in

[A] Fasciola

[B] Ophiura

[C] Ancylostoma

[D] Nereis

Questions No:14

Digestion in coelenterates is

[A] intracellular

[B] extracellular

[C] both (1) & (2)

[D] outside the body

Questions No:15

Ctenoplana is characterized by

[A] cnidocytes

[B] choanocytes

[C] bisexual nature

[D] spongocoel

Questions No:16

Correct statement of the following is

[A] all vertebrates are chordates

[B] all chordates are vertebrates

[C] all invertebrates are chordates

[D] all chordates retain notochord

Questions No:17

Triploblastic animal differ from diploblastic animal by having differentiated

[A] ectoderm

[B] mesoderm

[C] endoderm

[D] all of these

Questions No:18

Which group differs from rest of the three regarding symmetry?

[A] Echinoderms

[B] Annelids

[C] Coelenterates

[D] Ctenophores

Questions No:19

Roundworms differ from flatworms by the presence of

[A] flame cells

[B] acoelom

[C] complete gut

[D] segmented body

Questions No:20

Sponges are

[A] unisexual

[B] dioecious

[C] hermaphrodites

[D] sexually dimorphic