NEET Zoology MCQ PDF,NEET Class11 Chapter wise Questions,PDFs

Animal Kingdom Mock Test-10

NEET Zoology MCQ,PDF Animal Kingdom Mock Test-10

Questions No:1

Ctenophores differ from cnidarians by the presence of

[A] organs

[B] cnidocytes

[C] ciliated comb plates

[D] diploblastic

Questions No:2

Notochord is derived from

[A] mesoderm

[B] endoderm

[C] ectoderm

[D] all of these

Questions No:3

Which of the following is a fresh water sponge?

[A] Scypha

[B] Euspongia

[C] Euplectella

[D] Spongilla

Questions No:4

Most sponges exhibit

[A] bilateral symmetry

[B] radial symmetry

[C] asymmetry

[D] spherical symmetry

Questions No:5

Mantle, foot and shell are the characteristics of

[A] Nautilus

[B] Echinus

[C] Limulus

[D] Euplectella

Questions No:6

Fasciola hepatica is

[A] hermaphrodite, self fertilising

[B] hermaphrodite, cross fertilising

[C] unisexual

[D] both (1) and (2)

Questions No:7

Which one of the following is a matching pair of a body feature and the animal possessing it?

[A] Ventral central nervous system – Leech

[B] Pharyngeal gill slits absent in embryo – Chamaeleon

[C] Ventral heart – Scorpion

[D] Post-anal tail – Octopus

Questions No:8

The formation of canal system in sponges is due to

[A] reproduction

[B] porous walls

[C] folding of inner walls

[D] gastro-vascular system

Questions No:9

Molluscans test the quality of water with the

[A] statocyst

[B] tentacles help of

[C] osphradium

[D] ctenidia

Questions No:10

This part of hemichordate was earlier considered as notochord

[A] intestinal diverticulum

[B] spermathecal diverticulum

[C] buccal diverticulum

[D] cloacal diverticulum

Questions No:11

Nerve cord of cockroach is

[A] hollow

[B] single

[C] ganglionated

[D] dorsal

Questions No:12

Poriferans are included under the sub-kingdom

[A] Eumetazoa

[B] Radiata

[C] Animalia

[D] Parazoa

Questions No:13

Acoelomate bilaterians maintain osmotic balance with surroundings by

[A] renette glands

[B] metanephridia

[C] contractile vacuoles

[D] protonephridia with flame cells

Questions No:14

Lowest level of organization among eumetazoans is

[A] tissue level

[B] cellular level

[C] organ-system level

[D] tissue-organ level

Questions No:15

Which of the following is not an insect?

[A] Locusta

[B] Lepisma

[C] Limulus

[D] Aedes

Questions No:16

Diversity in the habitat not shown by

[A] Porifera

[B] Annelida

[C] Mollusca

[D] Echinodermata

Questions No:17

In Ascaris, excretory materials are sent out by

[A] body wall

[B] flame cells

[C] excretory pore

[D] nephridia

Questions No:18

The name ‘Cnidaria’ refers to

[A] totipotent cnidocy tes

[B] stinging cnidocytes

[C] gastro-vascular cavity

[D] ciliated cnidocytes

Questions No:19

A feature of Ctenophores is

[A] fresh water habitat

[B] asexual reproduction

[C] locomotion by ciliated plates

[D] absence of larval form

Questions No:20

Notochord develops

[A] dorsally

[B] ventrally

[C] laterally

[D] on any side