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Animal Kingdom Mock Test-9

NEET Zoology Class11 Questions Mock Test-9

Questions No:1

Ascaris is

[A] monoecious

[B] pseudocoelomate

[C] acoelomate

[D] free living

Questions No:2

Chitin is a polysaccharide found in the exoskeleton of

[A] roundworms

[B] insects

[C] leeches

[D] snails

Questions No:3

Bioluminescence is exhibited by

[A] Physalia

[B] Pleurobrachia

[C] Pavo

[D] Pennatula

Questions No:4

Segmentation is shown by

[A] Mollusca

[B] Echinodermata

[C] Hemichordata

[D] Chordata

Questions No:5

Which of the following is true about sponges?

[A] Intercellular digestion

[B] Direct development

[C] Internal fertilization

[D] Metagenesis

Questions No:6

Circultory system for the first time developed in

[A] Platyhelminthes

[B] Aschelminthes

[C] Arthropoda

[D] Annelida

Questions No:7

Trochophore is the larva of

[A] Neopilina

[B] Chiton

[C] Pila

[D] All of these

Questions No:8

Self fertilization is seen in

[A] Ascaris

[B] Pheretima

[C] cockroach

[D] Fasciola.

Questions No:9

Which one of the following is not a characteristic of phylum Annelida?

[A] pseudocoelom

[B] ventral nerve cord

[C] closed circulatory system

[D] segmentation

Questions No:10

What is left when bath sponges dries up?

[A] spicules

[B] spongin fibres

[C] tentacles

[D] holdfast

Questions No:11

Osphradium in molluscs functions as

[A] thermoreceptor

[B] rheoreceptor

[C] chemoreceptor

[D] thigmoreceptor

Questions No:12

Larva of Hemichordata is

[A] planula

[B] nauplius

[C] glochidium

[D] tornaria

Questions No:13

Heart in arthropods is

[A] ventral

[B] dorsal

[C] unchambered

[D] absent

Questions No:14

Water currents in a sponge body are maintained by

[A] archaeocytes

[B] pinacocytes

[C] spongocytes

[D] choanocytes

Questions No:15

Ctenophores may be considered as diploblastic because

[A] of ciliated comb plates

[B] of bioluminescence

[C] mesoglea is a layer of cells

[D] of bilateral symmetry

Questions No:16

Organ-system level of organisation is seen in

[A] all multicellular animals

[B] triploblastic animals

[C] cnidarians

[D] sponges

Questions No:17

Excretory organs in insects are

[A] Malpighian tubules

[B] saccate nephridia

[C] Kidneys

[D] nephridia

Questions No:18

Endoskeleton of echinoderms includes

[A] pneumatic bones

[B] siliceous spicules

[C] calcareous ossicles

[D] chitinous ossicles

Questions No:19

Roundworms differ from flatworms by the presence of

[A] flame cells

[B] acoelom

[C] complete gut

[D] segmented body

Questions No:20

Sponges are

[A] unisexual

[B] dioecious

[C] hermaphrodites

[D] sexually dimorphic