NEET Biology Sexual Reproduction MCQ Mock Test ,NEET Biology PDF

Sexual Reproduction Mock Test-3

NEET Biology Sexual Reproduction MCQ Mock Test-3

To which family does Atropa belladonna belong?

(A) brassicaceae
(B) solanaceae
(C) leguminosae
(D) asteraceae

In Bentham and Hooker’s classification what was positioned in between dicots and monocots?

(A) gymnosperms
(B) bryophytes
(C) algae
(D) Pteriodophytes

Lady’s finger belong to family

(A) Malvaceae
(B) Cucurbitaceae
(C) Liliaceae
(D) Brassicaceae

A plant has an androecium with monadelphous stamens, monothecous and reniform anthers. The corolla exhibits contorted aestivation. The plant could be

(A) Nerium
(B) Hibiscus
(C) Rauwolfia
(D) Vinca

In the members of family malvaceae, anthers are described as

(A) diadelphous and dithecous
(B) diadelphous and monothecous
(C) monadelphous and dithecous
(D) monadelphous and monothecous

The characteristic feature of family malvaceae is

(A) monadelphous androecium
(B) apocarpous gynoecium
(C) polyadelphous androecium
(D) polyandrous condition

ICBN stands for :

(A) International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
(B) International Congress of Biological Names
(C) Indian Code of Botanical Nomenclature
(D) Indian Congress of Biological Names KARNATAKA

Vexillary aestivation is characteristic of the family

(A) fabaceae
(B) asteraceae
(C) solanaceae
(D) brassicaceae

Which floral family has (9) + 1 arrangement of anthers androecium

(A) malvaceae
(B) rutaceae
(C) fabaceae
(D) caesalpinaceae

A plant has a butterfly shaped flower with one standard two wing like and two keel petals. The plant belongs to the family

(A) papilionaceae
(B) compositae
(C) malvaceae
(D) rubiaceae

Leguminous crops are agriculturally important as they:

(A) Control pests
(B) Makes soil with nitrogen
(C) Enrich soil with nitrogen
(D) Enrich soil with humus

Capitulum inflorescence is found in family:

(A) Solanaceae
(B) Composite
(C) Leguminosae
(D) Cucurbitaceae

Dye yielding plant of Fabaceae is

(A) Muliathi
(D) Lupin

Scape develops in

(A) Liliaceae
(B) Palmaceae
(C) Graminae
(D) Cruciferae

Glycyrrhiza glabra is a ___ plant

(A) Medicinal
(B) Fibre yielding
(C) Timber yielding
(D) Pulse plant

Indian coral wood tree belong to

(A) Fabaceae
(B) Solanaceae
(C) Malvaceae
(D) Cucurbitaceae

Medicinal plants of Solanaceae are

(A) Atropa, Withania
(B) Capsicum, Datura
(C) Cestrum, Nicotiana
(D) Hyoscymas, Physalis

Sarsaparilla is obtained from

(A) Seed of Colchicum
(B) Root of Smilax
(C) Leaves of Aloe
(D) Bulb of Scilla

In Bentham and Hooker s classification, the natural orders like Asteraceae and Solanaceae are included in one taxon because

(A) Similar nature of thalamus
(B) Nature of ovary and merosity of floweer
(C) Position of ovary and characters of perianth
(D) United petals and epipetalous stamens

Solanaceae member that produces edible fruits is

(A) Physalis
(B) Datura
(C) Onion
(D) Asparagus

Primitive character among the following

(A) Dichlamydeous flower
(B) Diclinous flower
(C) Dioecious plant
(D) Exalbuminous seed

G (2) in a floral formula represents

(A) Bicarpellary, syncarpous and inferior ovary
(B) Bicarpellary, syncarpous and inferior ovary
(C) Bicarpellary, syncarpous and half inferior ovary
(D) Bicarpellary, apocarpous, and superior ovary

Correct sequence of taxa is

(A) Class, Sub-class, Family, Order
(B) Order, Family, Sub-family, Genus
(C) Sub-class, series, family, Order
(D) Family, Sub-class, Genus, Species