NEET Animal Kingdom MCQ,NCERT Class 11 Objective Questions,PDFs

Animal Kingdom Mock Test-8

NEET Animal Kingdom MCQ Mock Test-8

< Questions No:1

Various body parts are surrounded by mesenchyme in

[A] acoelomates

[B] pseudocoelomates

[C] coelomates

[D] all triploblastic animals

Questions No:2

Pick the odd pair

[A] Aplysia – sea lemon

[B] Dentalium – tusk shell

[C] Sepia – cuttle fish

[D] Loligo – squid

Questions No:3

Identify the incorrect pair

[A] Wuchereria – filarial worm

[B] Ascaris – round worm

[C] Ancylostoma – pin worm

[D] Taenia – tape worm

Questions No:4

Segmented parasite of the following is

[A] Nereis

[B] Wuchereria

[C] Pheretima

[D] Hirudinaria

Questions No:5

Ctenophores are commonly called

[A] jelly fishes

[B] sea biscuits

[C] sea walnuts

[D] sea lions

Questions No:6

Serial repitition of body organs in segments called

[A] metagenesis

[B] metamorphosis

[C] metamerism

[D] metastasis

Questions No:7

Sponges reproduce asexually by

[A] binary fission

[B] multiple fission

[C] fragmentation

[D] endodyogeny

Questions No:8

Blood pumped out of heart bathes the tissues directly, in…….type of circulatory system

[A] closed

[B] open

[C] both (1) and (2)

[D] none of these

Questions No:9

In Mollusca, eye is present over a stalk called

[A] ostracum

[B] operculum

[C] ommatophore

[D] osphradium

Questions No:10

During life cycle, Fasciola hepatica (liver fluke) infects its intermediate host and primary host at the following stages respectively.

[A] Redia and miracidium

[B] Cercaria and redia

[C] Metacercaria and cercaria

[D] Miracidium and metacercaria

Questions No:11

Which of the following enters intestine by penetrating through skin?

[A] Hook worm

[B] Pin worm

[C] Ascaris

[D] Filarial worm

Questions No:12

Which cells are found only in sponges?

[A] Amoeboid cells

[B] Choanocytes

[C] Pigment cells

[D] Gland cells

Questions No:13

Respiratory pigment in molluscs is

[A] haemery thrin

[B] haemoglobin

[C] haemocyanin

[D] chlorocruorin

Questions No:14

Excretion in hemichordates occurs by

[A] neural gland

[B] proboscis gland

[C] renette gland

[D] pyloric gland

Questions No:15

Exoskeleton in arthropods is externally divided into

[A] somites

[B] septa

[C] sclerites

[D] stigmata

Questions No:16

In sponges fertilization occurs in

[A] spongocoel

[B] gemmules

[C] canal system

[D] mesohyl

Questions No:17

Cydippid is the larva of

[A] Hydrozoa

[B] Scyphozoa

[C] Actinozoa

[D] Ctenophora

Questions No:18

Balanoglossus is a

[A] chordate

[B] vertebrate

[C] non-chordate

[D] protozoan

Questions No:19

Largest phylum of ‘Animalia’ is

[A] Mollusca

[B] Chordata

[C] Annelida

[D] Arthropoda

Questions No:20

Identify the wrong match

[A] Porifera – spicules

[B] Ctenophora – bioluminescence

[C] Mollusca – chitinous shell

[D] Annelida – nephridia