Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-9

Question No:1

The plant body attached to substratum in brown algae by

[A] rhizoids
[B] multicellular hair
[C] holdfast
[D] roots

Question No:2

The photosynthetic leaf like organ found in some of the algae are called

[A] sporophyll
[B] fronds
[C] leaves
[D] scaly leaves

Question No:3

Zoospores of brown algae are

[A] uniflagellate
[B] multiflagellate
[C] biflagellate
[D] may be any of the above three

Question No:4

The arrangement of flagella in brown algae is

[A] one and equally arranged
[B] two unequal and laterally arranged
[C] many flagella arranged anywhere on the body
[D] depend from organism to organism

Question No:5

The biflagellate pear-shaped zoospores are characteristic of

[A] red algae
[B] green algae
[C] brown algae
[D] all

Question No:6

Fertilization in brown algae occurs in

[A] water
[B] within the oogonia
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:7

Sexual reproduction shown by members of brown algae is

[A] isogamous
[B] anisogamous
[C] oogamous
[D] all

Question No:8

Pyriform gametes means

[A] pea-shaped gametes
[B] pear shaped gametes
[C] gametes with one flagella
[D] all

Question No:9

Dictyota belongs to

[A] bryophytes
[B] green algae
[C] brown algae
[D] none

Question No:10

Red algae are red due to the presence of pigment

[A] phycoerythrin
[B] r-phycocyanin
[C] r-phycoerythrin
[D] r-phepocyamin

Question No:11

Red algae are found in

[A] cold seas
[B] seas with moderate temp
[C] warmer water
[D] none

Question No:12

Algae found in the areas where no light penetrates is

[A] green algae
[B] dinofalgellates
[C] red algae
[D] brown algae

Question No:13

Algae found in areas with abundant light as well as areas of great depths with no light is

[A] red algae
[B] green algae
[C] blue algae
[D] brown algae

Question No:14

Red algae are mostly

[A] unicellular
[B] multicellular
[C] may be multicellular and unicellular
[D] none

Question No:15

Floridean starch is stored food found in

[A] some protist
[B] some bryophytes
[C] some algae
[D] prokaryotes