Locomotion and Movement Mock Exam-5

Question No:1

Human skull is

[A] Monocondylic
[B] Dicondylic
[C] Tricondylic
[D] Acondylic

Question No:2

Vertebral column in human body is present

[A] Dorsally
[B] Ventrally
[C] Laterally
[D] All

Question No:3

Which of the following is true about vertebral column?

[A] Each vertebra in vertebral column has a central hollow protein (Neural canal) through which spinal cord pass
[B] The first vertebra in vertebral column is atlas and it articulates with the occipital condyle
[C] Vertebral column protects spinal cord, supports the head and serves as the point of attachment for the ribs and musculature of the back
[D] All

Question No:4

Bone present on ventral midline of thorax

[A] Vertebral column
[B] Ribs
[C] Scapula
[D] Sternum

Question No:5

Which of the following is incorrect about ribs?

[A] Each rib is a thin and cat bone connected dorsally to the vertebral column and ventrally to the sternum
[B] Ribs has two articulation surfaces on its dorsal end which are called bicephalic
[C] Ventrally ribs are connected to sternum by elastic cartilage
[D] First 7 pairs are called true ribs. 8,9 and 10th pair is known as false (vertebracondral) ribs, and 2 pair (11th and 12th) known as floating ribs

Question No:6

Scapula is an example of

[A] Long bone
[B] short bone
[C] flat bone
[D] irregular bone

Question No:7

Number of bones in the adult human body is

[A] 206
[B] 406
[C] 106
[D] 306

Question No:8

Number of bones in human axial skeleton is

[A] 120
[B] 142
[C] 80
[D] 206

Question No:9

The number of bones in the skull of man is

[A] 14
[B] 28
[C] 8
[D] 22

Question No:10

Cranium of man is made up of

[A] 8 bones
[B] 12 bones
[C] 16 bones
[D] 14 bones

Question No:11

Vertebral column of human body is made up of

[A] 33 vertebrae
[B] 52 vertebrae
[C] 45 vertebrae
[D] 23 vertebrae

Question No:12

The number of bones in the vertebral column of man is

[A] 32
[B] 26
[C] 35
[D] 20

Question No:13

Human vertebral formula is

[A] C7T12L5S5Cd4
[B] C7T9L5S4Cdl
[C] C7T12L5SlCdl
[D] C7T12L4S4Cdl

Question No:14

The vertebra which bears the whole weight of the skull is

[A] Atlas
[B] Axis
[C] Cervical
[D] Sacral

Question No:15

In man, ribs are attached to

[A] Clavicle
[B] Ileum
[C] Sternum
[D] Scapula