Locomotion and Movement Mock Exam-4

Question No:1

Electron microscopic studies of the sarcomeres have revealed that during muscle contraction

[A] the width of A-band remains constant
[B] the width of the H-zone increases
[C] the width of I-band increases
[D] the diameter of the fibre increases

Question No:2

According to the sliding filament theory

[A] actin (thin filament) moves over myosin (thick filament)
[B] myosin moves over actin
[C] both myosin and actin move on each other
[D] none

Question No:3

Put the following statement in proper order to describe muscle contraction.
Signal sent by CNS via motor neuron.
Generation of action potential in the Sarcolemma.
Release of Ca+2 from Sarcoplasmic reticulum
The neurotransmitter acetylcholine released motorend plate.
Sarcomere shortern

[A] 1>2->4->3->5
[B] 1>4->4->3->5
[C] 1->4->3->2->5
[D] 5>4->3->2->1

Question No:4

Which of the following muscle gets into fatigue very early?

[A] Skeletal muscle
[B] Smooth muscle
[C] Cardiac muscle
[D] All

Question No:5

Relaxation of muscle is due to the

[A] pumping of Ca+2 into Sarcoplasmic cisternae
[B] presence of ATP
[C] conformational change in troponin and masking of actin filaments
[D] both (a) and (c)

Question No:6

Repeated activation of the muscles can lead to accumulation of ____ due to anaerobic breakdown of glycogen in there, cause fatigue

[A] Ethanol
[B] Lactic acid
[C] Citric acid
[D] Butyric acid

Question No:7

A neurotransmitter _____ which generates an action potential in the Sarcolemma.

[B] Epinephrine
[C] Glycine
[D] Acetyt choline

Question No:8

Which of the following statement is correct?

[A] A motor neuron along with the muscles fibres connected to it constitute a motor unit
[B] The reaction time of the fibres can vary in different muscles
[C] Muscle fatigue is due to lactic acid formation due to anaerobic respiration
[D] All

Question No:9

The protein which maintains the muscular storage of oxygen is

[A] Myoglobin
[B] Actomyosin
[C] Myosin
[D] Haemoglobin

Question No:10

Which is not a correct difference between white and red muscles fibre?
White Muscle fibre— Red muscle fibre
Less Myoglobin – 1) More myglobin
Number of mitochondria less – 2) Number of mitochondria more
Amount of Sarcoplasmic reticulum low – 3) Amount of Sarcoplasmic reticulum high
Aerobic muscle – 4) Anaerobic muscle

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4

Question No:11

Skeletal system consists of

[A] framework of bone
[B] few Cartilages
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:12

Cartilage has slightly pliable matrix due to

[A] Ca2+/sup>
[B] Mg2+/sup>
[C] chondroitin salts
[D] phosphorus

Question No:13

Skull is composed of

[A] cranial bones (8)
[B] facial bones (14)
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:14

The hard and protective outer covering of brain is known as

[A] Cranium
[B] Condyle
[C] Meninges
[D] All

Question No:15

Human body contains how many ear ossciles?

[A] 3
[B] 4
[C] 5
[D] 6