NEET NCERT Class 11 Biological Classification MCQ,NEET CBT test

Biological Classification Mock Test-9

Question No:1

…………..are very good pollution indicators and act as poineer community in ecological succession

Question No:2

Kingdom protista does not include

Question No:3

A fungus Albugo that lives as a parasite on mustard belongs to class

Question No:4

A unicellular ascomycetes member is

Question No:5

Monerans that do not have cell wall and smallest known organisms are

Question No:6

Major photosynthetic planktons are

Question No:7

Euglenoids have ……… instead of cell wall

Question No:8

Primitive type of DNA transfer occurs during sexual reproduction in

Question No:9

Kingdom Monera includes

Question No:10

Organisms that form blooms in polluted water bodies are

Question No:11

Identify a bacterial disease from the following

Question No:12

Identify a viral disease in plants from the following

Question No:13

Cell wall has stiff cellulose plates on the surface of cells in

Question No:14

Saprophytic protists that form plasmodium are

Question No:15

Locomotory structures in amoeboid protozoans are

Question No:16

Morels and Truffles belong to this class of fungi

Question No:17

Deuteromycetes reproduce only by

Question No:18

Protein rich edible fruiting bodies are produced by