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Biological Classification Mock Test-8

NEET Biological Classification Mock Test-8

Questions No:1

An ammonifying bacterium is

[A] Bacillus mycoides

[B] Nitrocystis

[C] Nitrosomonas

[D] Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Questions No:2

Nitrogen fixing cyanobacterium present in fernAzolla is

[A] Nostoc

[B] Trichodesmium

[C] Anabaena

[D] Oscillatoria.

Questions No:3

Cyanophycean granules are granules of

[A] Reserve carbohydrate

[B] Reserve lipids

[C] RuBP carboxylase

[D] Reserve protein.

Questions No:4

I. Heterocysts occur in

[A] Bacteria

[B] Archaebacteria

[C] Mycoplasmas

[D] Cyanobacteria.

Questions No:5

!. Heterocysts are specialised in

[A] Nitrogen fixation under aerobic conditions

[B] Nitrogen fixation under anaerobic conditions

[C] Formation of internal hormogones

[D] Saprotrophism.

Questions No:6

Unicellular organisms that divide by binary fission are

[A] Viruses

[B] An independent group between viruses and bacteria

[C] Fungi

[D] Bacteria

Questions No:7

When bacteria are rod like, they are called

[A] Bacilli

[B] Cocci

[C] Spirilla

[D] Vibrios

Questions No:8

A cubical packet of 8 cocci is called

[A] Sarcina

[B] Spirillum

[C] Staphylococcus

[D] Vibrio

Questions No:9

The major part of cell wall of monerans (Bacteria and Cyanobacteria) is made up of a polymer called

[A] Peptidoglycan

[B] Mucopeptide

[C] Glycopeptide or murein

[D] all the above

Questions No:10

A pure (Axenic) culture is

[A] A culture of microbe having multiple copies of a single kind of microbe

[B] A culture without any contamination

[C] both (1) and (2)

[D] None

Questions No:11

Bacteria continue to live under conditions which resemble the conditions that prevailed on primitive earth, are


[B] Archaebacteria

[C] Cyanobacteria

[D] Prokaryotic bacteria

Questions No:12

Archaebacteria are

[A] heterotrophic and anaerobic

[B] chemotrophic

[C] decomposers and mineralisers

[D] all of the above

Questions No:13

Red sea is red due to

[A] red tides by Protistans

[B] red alga like Sargassum

[C] blue green alga like Trichodesmium

[D] iron salts in Gonyaulax

Questions No:14

A spiral cyanobacterium, cultivated in water tanks as protein rich food is

[A] Spirillum ‘

[B] Spirulina

[C] Nostoe

[D] Chlorella

Questions No:15

Cyanobacteria are characterised by

[A] ability to perform oxygenic photo-synthesis and absence of Nitrogenase

[B] ability to perform oxygenic photo-synthesis and presence of Nitrogenase

[C] have chlorophyll in chloroplast

[D] ability to perform anoxygenie photo-synthesis and presence of Nitrogenase

Questions No:16

Photosynthetic bacteria have pigments in

[A] chromatophores

[B] leucoplast

[C] chromoplast

[D] chloroplast

Questions No:17

Bacterial cell membrane has

[A] Chitin

[B] Cellulose

[C] proteins and phospholipids

[D] Acetyl glucosamine and muramic acid

Questions No:18

Plastids are totally absent in

[A] Fungi

[B] Blue green algae

[C] Bacteria

[D] all of these

Questions No:19

Bacteria lack

[A] Cell wall

[B] Cell membrane

[C] Ribosomes

[D] Mitochondria

Questions No:20

Circular DNA is found in

[A] Bacteria

[B] Chloroplast

[C] Mitochondria

[D] all of these