NEET NCERT Class 11 Biology Biological Classification PDF,NEET Botany

Biological Classification Mock Test-5

NEET Biological Classification Mock Test-5

Questions No:1

Which of the following is capable of reproduction sexually ?

[A] Amoeba

[B] Plasmodium

[C] Euglena

[D] Trypanosoma

Questions No:2

Diatomaceous earth is due to

[A] Silicon

[B] Zinc

[C] Phosphorus

[D] Calcium

Questions No:3

Difference between a Red sea and Red tide is

[A] Red tide takes place in Red Sea

[B] Associated with a cyanobacteria and protist respectively

[C] One is by virus and other by bacteria

[D] Associated with Rhodophyceae and diatoms respectively

Questions No:4

Gametangial copulation (conjugation) is common in

[A] Ascomycetes

[B] Zygomycetes

[C] Basidiomycetes

[D] Deuteromycetes

Questions No:5

Motile sperms (or motile sperm cells) are absent in

[A] Rhizopus

[B] Funaria

[C] Fern

[D] Cycas

Questions No:6

Whittaker’s protista excludes

[A] Some unicellular algae and fungi

[B] No unicellular organisms

[C] Only unicellular prokaryotes

[D] All the above

Questions No:7

Organisation found in protista is

[A] Cellular level

[B] Tissue level

[C] Protoplasmic level

[D] Organ level

Questions No:8

Eukaryotes possess

[A] One envelope system

[B] Double envelope system

[C] Triple envelope system

[D] No envelope system.

Questions No:9

Life styles represented in protista are

[A] Plant like

[B] Animal like

[C] Fungal

[D] All the above

Questions No:10

Dinoflagellates and diatoms are

[A] Yellow green

[B] Green

[C] Golden brown

[D] Brown

Questions No:11

Theca or lorica is covering found in

[A] Dinoflagellates

[B] Diatoms

[C] Euglenoids

[D] Heliozoans

Questions No:12

Mesokaryon is found in

[A] Prochloron

[B] Dinoflagellates

[C] Diatoms

[D] Euglenoids

Questions No:13

Siliceous cell wall is found in

[A] Dinoflagellates

[B] Diatoms

[C] Foraminiferans

[D] Radiolarians

Questions No:14

In diatoms the cell wall is called

[A] Lorica

[B] Frustule

[C] Capsule

[D] All the above

Questions No:15

Diatomaceous earth is used in

[A] Purification of uranium

[B] Filtration and purification of liquids

[C] Insulation and sound proofing

[D] Both (2) and (3)

Questions No:16

Rejuvenescent cells of diatoms are called

[A] Statospores

[B] Cysts

[C] Auxospores

[D] Conidia

Questions No:17

Euglenoids have two photosensitive structures one is eye spot. The other is

[A] Pusule

[B] Basal granule

[C] Paraflagellar body

[D] Pyrenoid

Questions No:18

Anterior invagination is characteristic of

[A] Sarcodines

[B] Euglenoids

[C] Diatoms

[D] Dinoflagellates.

Questions No:19

Nutrition ofEuglena is

[A] Phagotrophic

[B] Saprotrophic

[C] Photosynthetic

[D] Mixotrophic

Questions No:20

Single-celled uninucleate form of slime mould is called

[A] Myxamoeba

[B] Plasmodium

[C] Pseudoplasmodium

[D] Swarm cell