NEET CBSE Class11 Biological Classification Mock Test,NCERT cbse pdf

Biological Classification Mock Test-11

Question No:1

In Whittaker’s five kingdom classification, eukaryotes were assigned to

Question No:2

In Whittaker’s classification Archaebacteria and nitrogen fixing algae are placed under

Question No:3

Two kingdoms that are common to all biological classifications

Question No:4

………….. are very good pollution indicators

Question No:5

Bacteria closely resemble

Question No:6

Dikaryophase occurs in

Question No:7

Algae were grouped into how many kingdoms according to Whittaker?

Question No:8

Monera includes

Question No:9

Plant body is Mycelium in this kingdom

Question No:10

Kingdom of unicellular eukaryotes is

Question No:11

Chitinous cell wall and glycogen as reserve food are characteristic of this kingdom

Question No:12

Characters of both animals & plants are found in

Question No:13

Plant decomposers are under these kingdoms

Question No:14

Viroids have

Question No:15

The name virus was given by

Question No:16

Plant viruses generally have

Question No:17

Algal component in a lichen

Question No:18

One of the following is a Deuteromycetes fungus

Question No:19

Puccinia is

Question No:20

Protists that form plasmodium are

Question No:21

Fungus that is extensively used in biochemical & genetic work