NEET Biological Classification Mock Test,NEET UG Biology Online Test

Biological Classification Mock Test-10

Question No:1

Majority of members are decomposers of litter and help in mineral recycling in this class of fungus

Question No:2

Organisms that often bloom in polluted water bodies

Question No:3

The protein coat of virus is called

Question No:4

The viruses which infect bacteria are known as

Question No:5

TMV was first crystallised by

Question No:6

Viroids differ from viruses

Question No:7

Agaricus belongs to the class

Question No:8

In fungi, the cell wall is mainly composed of

Question No:9

Viruses are explained as ‘contagium vivum \ fluidum’ by

Question No:10

Viroids were discovered by

Question No:11

Which of these are viral diseases ?

Question No:12

Genetic material of virus is

Question No:13

Protistans are connecting link between

Question No:14

Decomposer protists are

Question No:15

Kingdom fungi includes organisms that are

Question No:16

Lichens are

Question No:17

Monera evolved from

Question No:18

Heterotrophic eukaryotes without cell wall are included in

Question No:19

Rust fungus is included in the class

Question No:20

Genetic material in Animal virus is mostly

Question No:21

Fungal partner in lichens is called