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Biological Classification Mock Test-1

Question No:1

Who was the first to attempt a more scientific basis of classification?

Question No:2

Aristotle classified plants in herbs, shrubs and trees on the basis of

Question No:3

In how many groups Aristotle divided animals on the basis of presence/absence of RBC?

Question No:4

Two kingdom classification does not distinguish between

Question No:5

In which year Whittaker proposed five kingdom classification?

Question No:6

Whittaker’s kingdom are

Question No:7

How many main criteria were used by Whittaker for classification?

Question No:8

What is the criteria used by Whittaker for classification?
(1) Cell structure
(2) Thallus organization
(3) Mode of nutrition
(4) Reproduction
(5)Phylogenetic relationship
(6)Biochemical difference
(7) Physiological character

Question No:9

In earlier classification (like two kingdoms), the following are included in plant
(1)Bacteria, blue green algae, fungus
(2) Mosses and fern
(3) Gymnosperms and angiosperm

Question No:10

What is common to bacteria, mosses and fungus?

Question No:11

All prokaryotic groups are put under ————— kingdom

Question No:12

Kingdom Protista contain

Question No:13

Chlamydomonas, chlorella, paramecium and amoeba are placed in which kingdom of Whittaker’s classification?

Question No:14

Phylogeny refers to

Question No:15

Kingdom monera contain