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Animal Kingdom Mock Test-7

NEET Biology Animal Kingdom Mock Test-7

Questions No:1

Ctenophores are characterised by

[A] segmentation

[B] polymorphism

[C] cnidoblasts

[D] bioluminescence

Questions No:2

Respiratory organs of Saccoglossus are

[A] spiracles

[B] lungs

[C] gills

[D] book lungs

Questions No:3

Mouth is formed as a secondary opening of alimentary canal in

[A] protostomes

[B] schizocoelomates

[C] cnidarians

[D] enterocoelomates

Questions No:4

Gills are feather like in

[A] Limulus

[B] Chaetopleura

[C] prawn

[D] scorpion

Questions No:5

Alimentary canal in Aschelminthes is

[A] absent

[B] incomplete

[C] without peritoneum

[D] without pharynx

Questions No:6

Parapodia help in

[A] locomotion

[B] excretion

[C] osmoregulation

[D] gametes transport

Questions No:7

A feature of coelenterates is

[A] triploblastic

[B] organs

[C] cnidocytes

[D] choanocytes

Questions No:8

Blastopore develops into mouth in

[A] protostomes

[B] deuterostomes

[C] enterocoelomates

[D] echinoderms

Questions No:9

Digestion in sponges is

[A] extracellular

[B] intracellular

[C] outside the body

[D] intercellular

Questions No:10

A complete digestive system seen in

[A] coelenterates

[B] platyhelminths

[C] ctenophores

[D] annelids

Questions No:11

Shell of molluscs is derived from

[A] foot

[B] man tie

[C] ctenidia

[D] placoid

Questions No:12

During the life-cycle, Fasciola hepatica (liver fluke) infects its intermediate host and primary host at the following larval stages respectively.

[A] Redia and miracidium

[B] Cercaria and redia

[C] Metacercaria and cercaria

[D] Miracidium and metacercaria

Questions No:13

In nemathelminthes the coelom is not lined by peritoneum is

[A] acoelom

[B] pseudocoelom

[C] enterocoelom

[D] haemocoel

Questions No:14

Food storage in Leucosolenia occur by

[A] ostia

[B] osculum

[C] thesocyte

[D] spongocoel

Questions No:15

Mollusc group with closed blood vascular system is

[A] Gastropoda

[B] Scaphopoda

[C] Cephalopoda

[D] Pelecypoda

Questions No:16

Hemichordate body includes

[A] trunk

[B] collar

[C] proboscis

[D] all of these

Questions No:17

Functional body cavity in arthropods is

[A] pseudocoel

[B] schizocoel

[C] haemocoel

[D] enterocoel

Questions No:18

Incorrect one of the following is

[A] protochordates are non-chordates

[B] invertebrates are non-chordates

[C] protochordates are acraniates

[D] vertebrates are craniates

Questions No:19

Tentacles of ctenophores bear

[A] scleroblasts

[B] colloblasts

[C] cnidoblasts

[D] chondroblasts

Questions No:20

Excretory organ of hemichordates is

[A] renette gland

[B] saccate nephridia

[C] proboscis gland

[D] flame cells