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Animal Kingdom Mock Test-6

NEET NCERT Animal Kingdom Mock Test-6

Questions No:1

Arthropods are the first to have

[A] cephalisation

[B] blood vascular system

[C] true muscles

[D] striated muscles

Questions No:2

Gastropods are secondarily asymmetrical due to

[A] diversified habitat

[B] torsion

[C] metagenesis

[D] detorsion

Questions No:3

A Hydrozoan coral forming animal is

[A] Millepora

[B] Corallium

[C] Tubipora

[D] Heliophora

Questions No:4

Open type of circulatory system is seen in all of the following except

[A] Hemichordata

[B] Arthropoda

[C] Mollusca

[D] Annelida

Questions No:5

Tube-in-tube organization is absent in

[A] flatworms

[B] roundworms

[C] earthworms

[D] silkworms

Questions No:6

Rasping organ in snail is

[A] Aristotle’s lantern

[B] mandible

[C] radula

[D] ommatophore

Questions No:7

A feature of Aschelminthes is

[A] incomplete gut

[B] acoelom

[C] muscular pharynx

[D] pseudocoelom

Questions No:8

Excretory organs in Pheretima are

[A] flame cells

[B] parapodia

[C] renette glands

[D] nephridia

Questions No:9

Alternation of generation shown by coelenterates is termed

[A] metastasis

[B] metaphysis

[C] metamorphosis

[D] metagenesis

Questions No:10

Blastopore develops into anus in

[A] protostomes

[B] deuterostomes

[C] schizocoelomates

[D] pseudocoelomates

Questions No:11

Characteristic feature of sponges is

[A] choanocytes

[B] coral formation

[C] multicellularity

[D] tissue formation

Questions No:12

Alimentary canal has single opening in

[A] echinoderms

[B] platyhelminths

[C] nematodes

[D] annelids

Questions No:13

Connecting link between annelids and molluscs is

[A] Neopilina

[B] Peripatus

[C] Periplaneta

[D] Limulus

Questions No:14

In contrast to annelids the platyhelminths show

[A] absence of body cavity

[B] bilateral symmetry

[C] radial symmetry

[D] presence of pseudocoel

Questions No:15

Life span of Ascaris is

[A] 3 to 6 months

[B] 6 to 9 months

[C] 9 to 12 months

[D] 12 to 18 months

Questions No:16

Which of the following cell type is capable of giving rise to other cell types in sponges?

[A] Thesocytes

[B] Pinacocytes

[C] Cnidocytes

[D] Archaeocytes

Questions No:17

Mollusc group without radula is

[A] Gastropoda

[B] Monoplacophora

[C] Bivalvia

[D] Cephalopoda

Questions No:18

Buccal diverticulum of hemichordates is called

[A] gizzard

[B] stomochord

[C] notochord

[D] vertebral column

Questions No:19

Moulting in arthropods is useful for

[A] protection

[B] reproduction

[C] growth

[D] communication

Questions No:20

Calcareous shell of molluscs is secreted by

[A] radula

[B] foot

[C] mantle epithelium

[D] hump

Questions No:21

Hemichordates are

[A] chordates

[B] vertebrates

[C] non-chordates

[D] craniates