NCERT NEET Zoology animal Kingdom NTA CBT Exam,NEET zoology pdf


NEET Biology Animal Kingdom Mock Test-4

Questions No:1

Which of the following have porous body and are diploblastic?

[A] Aurelia and Obelia

[B] Adamsia and Euplectella

[C] Leucosolenia and Spongilla

[D] Sycon and Hydra

Questions No:2

Ephyra is the larva of

[A] sea anemone

[B] Obelia

[C] Aurelia

[D] Physalia

Questions No:3

In echinoderms water enters into water vascular system through

[A] mouth

[B] anus

[C] ostia

[D] madreporite

Questions No:4

Arthropods differs from that of annelids by the presence of

[A] digestive system

[B] locomotory organs

[C] striated muscles

[D] excretory system

Questions No:5

Molluscs are characterised by

[A] segmentation

[B] mantle

[C] Aristotle’s lantern

[D] spiny body covering

Questions No:6

Cnidocytes do not help in

[A] defence

[B] adhesion

[C] gemmation

[D] food capture

Questions No:7

. Ophiura is without

[A] digestive system

[B] water vascular system

[C] excretory system

[D] larva in development

Questions No:8

Body cavity is formed by replacing blastocoel in

[A] Cnidaria

[B] Platyhelminthes

[C] Nematoda

[D] Annelida

Questions No:9

Visceral hump in a mollusc is covered by

[A] foot

[B] radula

[C] mantle

[D] chitinous shell

Questions No:10

Of the following high regeneration capacity is shown by

[A] Dugesia

[B] Taenia

[C] Fasciola

[D] Ascaris

Questions No:11

Closed circulatory system present in

[A] Locusta

[B] Saccoglossus

[C] Hirudinaria

[D] Ascaris

Questions No:12

Identify the incorrect pair

[A] Physalia – Portuguese man-of-war

[B] Adamsia – sea anemone

[C] Gorgonia – sea pen

[D] Meandnna – brain coral

Questions No:13

Common feature between Porifera, Cnidaria, Ctenophora and Platyhelminthes is

[A] bilateral symmetry

[B] eumetazoans

[C] absence of coelom

[D] tissues

Questions No:14

Water circulation in sponges does not help in

[A] locomotion

[B] food gathering

[C] respiration

[D] removal of waste

Questions No:15

Tissue level of organisation is shown by

[A] sponges

[B] coelenterates

[C] both 1 & 2

[D] triploblasticans

Questions No:16

Pseudocoelom is present in a

[A] fish

[B] tapeworm

[C] nematode

[D] mammal

Questions No:17

Which of the following have eye structure nearest to that of vertebrates ?

[A] Insecta

[B] Myriapoda

[C] Cephalopoda

[D] Crustacea

Questions No:18

Which of the following belongs to Anthozoa?

[A] Dugesia

[B] Stercularia

[C] Fungia

[D] Aurelia

Questions No:19

Which of the following does not have any alimentary canal?

[A] Ascaris

[B] Taenia

[C] Frog

[D] Earthworm

Questions No:20

Canal system in Porifera is not concerned with

[A] respiration

[B] nutrition

[C] sexual reproduction

[D] none of these