NEET NCERT Biology Animal Kingdom,CBSE Zoology Solutions PDF

Animal Kingdom Mock Test-2

NEET Biology Animal Kingdom Mock Test-2

Questions No:1

Coelom in Echinodermata is

[A] Pseudocoelic

[B] Haemocoelic

[C] Schizocoelic

[D] Enterocoelic

Questions No:2

The intermediate host of Schistosoma is

[A] snail

[B] mosquito

[C] housefly

[D] sheep

Questions No:3

Which of the following pairs are correctly matched?

Animal—- Feature

A) Hirudinaria Suckers

B) Obelia Metagenesis

C) Enterobius Schizocoelom

D) Unio Ctenidia

[A] Only A, B and D

[B] Only A and D

[C] Only B, C and D

[D] Only A and B

Questions No:4

Hydra can paralyse prey by

[A] nematocysts

[B] tentacles

[C] mouth

[D] none of these

Questions No:5

Most distinctive feature of Echinodermata is

[A] radial symmetry

[B] deuterostomous condition

[C] water vascular system

[D] enterocoelom

Questions No:6

Excretory organs in Chaetopterus are

[A] absent

[B] protonephridia

[C] renette glands

[D] metanephridia

Questions No:7

Find the mismatch

[A] Apw-crayfish

[B] Palamnaeus-scorpion

[C] Bombyx-silk moth

[D] Laccifer-\ac insect

Questions No:8

Gemmules produced by sponges during unfavourable conditions, help in

[A] storage of food

[B] storing gametes

[C] continuation of species

[D] phagocytosis

Questions No:9

Echinus is characterised by

[A] dorsal anus

[B] absence of anus

[C] dioecious

[D] parasitic larva

Questions No:10

Multicellular animals do not exhibit

[A] biradial symmetry

[B] spherical symmetry

[C] radial symmetry

[D] bilateral symmetry

Questions No:11

Second largest phylum in Animalia is

[A] Arthropoda

[B] Chordata

[C] Mollusca

[D] Echinodermata

Questions No:12

An organism without specific excretory system in the following is

[A] bristleworm

[B] roundworm

[C] earthworm

[D] sea cucumber

Questions No:13

Locomotory organs of Nereis are

[A] suckers

[B] setae

[C] parapodia

[D] jointed legs

Questions No:14

Sessile zooid of coelenterates is

[A] medusa

[B] polyp

[C] gonozooid

[D] pneumatophore

Questions No:15

Flatworms are mostly

[A] ectoparasites

[B] coelomates

[C] endoparasites

[D] free living

Questions No:16

Sponges are

[A] generally marine

[B] generally fresh water

[C] mostly radial symmetrical

[D] tissue grade animals

Questions No:17

All the members of animalia are

[A] eumetazoans

[B] unicellular

[C] multicellular

[D] with tissues

Questions No:18

Coelom is lined by

[A] ectoderm

[B] mesoderm

[C] ectoderm

[D] all of these

Questions No:19

Which one of the following is a matching set of a phylum and its three examples?

[A] Ponfera-Spongilla, Euplectella, Pennatula

[B] Cnidaria-Bonnelia, Physalia, Aurelia

[C] Platyhelminthes-Plananaria, Schistosoma, Enterobius

[D] Mollusca-Loligo, Teredo, Octopus

Questions No:20

The echinoderms are

[A] arboreal insects

[B] marine animals

[C] terrestrial insects

[D] freshwater forms