Marketing Aptitude MCQ-40

Merchandise allowance is given to the—

(A) Consumer of Product or Services
(B) Manufacturer or Producer
(C) Middlemen
(D) Staff

Which is the Consumer Promotion device ?

(A) Exchange of Coupons
(B) Consumer Contests
(C) Premium
(D) All of these

Direct sales is a part of—

(A) Producer —> Consumer
(B) Producer– >Retailer—>Consumer Agent
(C) Producer– >Agent — >Consumer
(D) Producer– >Wholesaler — >Consumer

Which is the largest Retailing business in World ?

(A) Vishal Megha Mart
(B) Wall Mart
(C) Shubhiksha
(D) More For You

Wholesaler includes those agencies taking part in buying and selling activities that operate between the local market and —

(A) The producer and manufacturer of product
(B) Retailer
(C) Wholesaler
(D) Agent

Which is not a form of wireless marketing ?

(A) Internet marketing
(B) On-line marketing
(C) Marketing by shop
(D) E-commerce

Social cultural environment of a bank includes ?

(A) To protect social values
(B) To protect social culture
(C) To protect social assets
(D) All of these

What is full form of ‘SEM’ ?

(A) Sales-Even Mail
(B) Sales-Even Method
(C) Search Engine Marketing
(D) All of these

What is must for operating ATM machine ?

(A) ATM Card
(B) Personal Identification Number
(C) ATM Machine
(D) All of these

The modern banking services of the banks is/are—

(A) Internet Banking
(B) Mobile Banking
(C) ATM Services
(D) All of these

Marketing is successful when—

(A) Demand exceeds supply
(B) Supply exceeds demand
(C) Exports are heavy and costly
(D) Salesmen are effectively trained

Marketing is—

(A) A total system of interacting business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want satisfying Products and Services to Present and Potential Customers
(B) A system of Production
(C) A system of Accounting
(D) A Product

Which is the function of Physical distribution ?

(A) Transportation
(B) Inventory Management
(C) Warehousing or Storage
(D) All of these

ESP stands for—

(A) Email Service Provider
(B) Economic Save Problem
(C) Economic Service Provider
(D) Economic Safety Production

Marketing concept emphasises—

(A) On Maximum production
(B) On staff
(C) Customer-orientation and Coordination of marketing activities to achieve the organisation’s Performance objectives
(D) Cost