Marketing Aptitude MCQ-14

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The function of distribution channel includes—

(A) Promotional activities
(B) Managing finances
(C) Fixing prices
(D) All of these

Manufacturer’s wholesale includes —

(A) Sales office
(B) Sales branches
(C) Godowns
(D) Depots

In’EOQ’ Q means —

(A) Order of the goods
(B) Operating
(C) Quantity of goods to be Purchased
(D) Quality

Consumer co-operative stores is based on—

(A) Democracy system
(B) Partnership system
(C) Companies system
(D) All of these

Global marketing is a result of—

(A) Domestic changes
(B) Globalization
(C) Privatization
(D) Socialization

The consumer movement started from ………in world.

(A) American
(B) India and Bangladesh
(C) Japan
(D) U.K.

Relationship marketing is a—

(A) Natural teams
(B) Brand management
(C) Cross functional teams
(D) All of these

Credit card is issued by—

(A) (A-) Respective Bank or any Credit Authority
(B) Customer
(C) Anybody
(D) All of these

The Reserve Bank is fully owned by the—

(A) State Govt. of U.P.
(B) State Govt. of Maharashtra
(C) Government of India
(D) Private Sector

ROI Stands for—

(A) Return on Investment
(B) Rate on Internet
(C) Return on Internet
(D) Rule on Investment

In stock market—

(A) Shares are purchased and sold
(B) Stock are kept
(C) Capital is disposed
(D) All of these

The market information includes—

(A) Product available in the market
(B) News about new product
(C) Knowledge of Product Price
(D) All of these

Who is the king of bank’s market ?

(A) Bank’s Customer
(B) Bank’s Managing Director
(C) Bank’s Staff
(D) Bank’s C.A.

Who is the Potential Customer of Bank ?

(A) The person who want to job from the Bank
(B) Saving Account holder
(C) The person who want to borrow fund from the Bank
(D) Staff

Which is customer information ?

(A) Purchasing Priority
(B) Like-dislike
(C) Customer’s Income
(D) All of these